Woman loses S$2,200 to pickpockets in Cameron Highlands who bought 6 phones on stolen credit card

A police report was lodged.

Zi Shan Kow | December 06, 2022, 07:24 PM

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A female tourist lost more than RM7,000 (S$2,158) in less than an hour after getting pickpocketed in Cameron Highlands.

Got pickpocketed

Her sister went on Facebook to share their story to raise awareness about the issue and to ask for help identifying the pickpockets.

Based in Ipoh, the two were visiting Cameron Highlands to attend a relative's wedding on Dec. 5.

They were having a good day until her phone was stolen at around 5:10pm at Cameron Square.

Not only did she lose her phone, but her phone case also contained her identification card, some cash, and a credit card.

When the two sisters went to the bank to freeze the card, they were informed that the card had already been used to buy six brand new mobile phones at two Digi stores.

The pair searched for the closest Digi shop, but when they arrived at 6pm the pickpockets were long gone.

Pickpockets wore masks, hard to identify

The shop staff said the two Chinese men had bought two phones for RM3,598 (S$1,113).

As the shop did not have more stocks, the pickpockets were directed to another Digi store to purchase another four mobile phones worth a total of RM3,669 (S$1,130).

The store’s CCTV was not working that day, but they had some luck at the second store.

She said she was "speechless" as she watched the footage, as the pickpockets were wearing masks.

“They sent us a photo of the men, but I think even the best detective cannot determine the identities of these men,” wrote the woman.

The pickpockets also did not leave their phone number with the staff to reserve the phones at the second store.

The woman argued that the Digi staff should have been more suspicious that the men were purchasing six new mobile phones, especially when Cameron Highlands is not a destination that people visit to buy phones.

She also believes that the female name listed on the card should have raised some eyebrows, even though the men said they had borrowed the card from a friend.

Hopes Cameron Highlands will be safer in the future

In the end, the women headed to the police station to make a report.

“But… I feel it will be very hard to bring these men to justice,” lamented the woman.

She said the two of them have been to Cameron Highlands many times and held the impression that the people are very nice.

“These black sheep have destroyed our experience in Cameron Highlands, but we know we cannot generalise this experience,” she said.

She asked readers to help her identify the men, adding that she was "a little scared" of visiting Cameron Highlands again but hopes the place will be safer soon.

Top images via 梁玉清/FB.