S'pore Mercedes in Johor Bahru refuses to give way to M'sia ambulance

Giving way to ambulances on the road applies to Singapore and Malaysia ambulances.

Belmont Lay | December 08, 2022, 03:16 PM

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A Singapore-registered Mercedes was seen in a video not giving way to an ambulance in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, resulting in both vehicles colliding or almost colliding.

The 30-second clip was uploaded to the We are Malaysians Facebook page.

What video showed

The black Mercedes could be seen travelling at a low speed in the middle lane of a road with heavy traffic.

The road was towards Woodlands in the direct of Singapore.

A Kempas Medical Centre ambulance could be seen overtaking from the left and signalling to filter right to enter the lane the Mercedes was in.

However, the Mercedes continued to proceed forward.

Even though half of the ambulance had already entered the lane, the Mercedes failed to stop to give way.

The two vehicles then appeared to collide or barely grazed past each other before both came to a stop.

The ambulance driver then raised his hand out of the window to indicate he needed to overtake the Mercedes.

The Singapore-registered eventually yielded and allowed the ambulance to enter the lane.

It was not clear if both vehicles did indeed make contact with each other, as the ambulance was seen proceeding forward before the video cut off.

The emergency lights on the ambulance were not turned on throughout.


Those who commented on the clip were critical of the Singapore-registered car.

They slammed the Mercedes driver for being inconsiderate by not giving way to an emergency vehicle, even though its emergency lights were not turned on.

Others responded that the ambulance should still be given the right of way, and that the Mercedes driver could have observed basic courtesy to let an emergency vehicle pass even when in doubt.

This was so as being unsure of Malaysia's road etiquette does not exclude one from erring on the side of caution.

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