Deliverymen unload items from Shopee Xpress van by throwing them on ground beside HDB car park

Oh no.

Gawain Pek | December 25, 2022, 07:25 PM

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Delivery personnel were seen unloading parcels from a Shopee Xpress van by throwing the items on the ground, drawing the ire of those who watched the video of the antics.

The video was first posted to Facebook by user James Killingsworth on Dec. 22, and was re-uploaded to TikTok by user @Tan.AB on Dec. 24.


Incident took place along Haig Road

In it, several men could be seen unloading parcels from an orange Shopee Xpress van.

The items were to be sorted under the void deck of the public housing block.

One user in the TikTok comments section identified the area as Block 3 Haig Road, which user @Tan.AB affirmed was the correct address.

Tossing parcels

In the video, four men could be seen actively engaged in the unloading process.

Three men stood at the rear of the van, repeatedly reaching inside it to bring out the parcels.

The men then tossed the items over to the void deck into a pile.

A lone men standing at the void deck failed to catch any of the parcels lobbed to him, causing them to drop to the ground.

Video via @Tan.AB/TikTok.

At one point, a man in a black top walked towards the void deck with a parcel in each hand.

He dropped them as he neared the pile.

All this while the other delivery personnel continued tossing the parcels.

Video via @Tan.AB/TikTok.

The man in the black shirt then joined the effort over at the void deck.

He managed to catch at least one parcel before the video cut off.

Video via @Tan.AB/TikTok.

@tan.ab Now I know why sometimes my parcel is damage lor.. 😡 #Christmas2022 #deliveryheroes ♬ 芭比q了 - 邓家忠

Video explains damaged goods: internet

"Now I know why sometimes my parcel is damage lor..", @Tan.AB wrote in the caption.

Displeased TikTok users in the comments section agreed with @Tan.AB, saying that the video explained why they tended to receive damaged goods from online shopping.

Some called for Shopee to take action.

Others said they will stop buying from Shopee.

However, @Tan.AB opined in a follow-up video that people should not withdraw support for Shopee as that would hurt the sellers.

"Support the sellers as they are also paying for the delivery", @Tan.AB wrote in the video.

Instead of withdrawing support for the platform and "villainising" the sellers on Shopee, @Tan.AB suggested that consumers should "remind Shopee to engage the right contractors".

@tan.ab Replying to @tan.ab #deliveryheroes #shopping ♬ original sound - Tan.AB

Responding to queries from, a Shopee spokesperson said that the behaviour seen in the video is “unacceptable” and goes against the “values and service commitment” at Shopee.

“We have since reached out to our partners to reiterate that all personnel must adhere to our stringent delivery guidelines and service standards, and ensure necessary action is taken to ensure that the utmost care is taken for our customers’ packages”, the spokesperson added.

Top image via @Tan.AB/TikTok