Man pays S$24 for nasi padang at Bedok Corner, including fish roe


Zi Shan Kow | December 15, 2022, 11:31 AM

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You've heard of S$12 economy rice, now get ready for S$24 nasi padang.

Man ordered fish roe, tofu and sambal goreng

A man claimed to have paid S$24 for nasi padang from a stall at Bedok Corner Food Centre and shared a photo of his meal on the Facebook group COMPLAINT SINGAPORE.

In the post caption he claimed that the fish roe dish cost S$20, and the other dishes, sambal goreng and tofu, were S$2 each.

Photo from Facebook.

When Mothership reached out to him, he clarified that he does not know the price breakdown of the items, and did not ask the stall vendor then.

He told Mothership he was expecting the meal to cost between S$10 and S$15 as the lady at the stall had warned him the fish roe was "going to be expensive".

"But sadly it was way beyond what I expected," he added.

Recounting his experience, he said he was "taken aback" and would not have paid for the meal.

However, he explained that he was in a rush and did not have much time to buy lunch.

"It was the only shop with no [queue], that's why I went there to order," he said.

"Totally insane"

In the comments, the man said he did not want to "make a scene".

"Since she already had packed the food it's not nice to ask her to put it back that's why I just paid and left," he explained.

Many commenters were in disbelief that the man had spent S$24 on nasi padang, with one saying it was "totally insane".

"This is not a restaurant," another said, stating that they would not pay for such an exorbitant meal and simply walk away.

Some were quick to point out that fish roe is not a cheap ingredient.

A few also felt that the prices of expensive dishes should be made known to the customer. Otherwise, the man should have clarified the price before ordering.

"Definitely I learned my lesson to ask [for the] price before I decide to choose anything," said the man in another comment.

Top image via FB.