M'sian model & social media influencer quits OnlyFans to become a DJ

Ms Pui Yi had stirred up controversies in the past for her photos.

Gawain Pek | December 04, 2022, 01:10 PM

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Malaysian model and influencer, Ms Pui Yi, announced in a YouTube video that she is calling it quits on her OnlyFans career.

Ms Pui Yi, real name Siew Pui Yi, 24, has decided to "go mainstream in the music industry and start as a DJ", she wrote in the captions.

Of OnlyFans fame, the social media influencer, with more than 20 million followers on Instagram, had in the past stirred up controversy for her risqué photos.

Grateful for OnlyFans, but not what she wanted

In the 15-minute video, Siew expressed that she is grateful for her OnlyFans career as it has given her the "first pot of gold".

In the past two to three years, she had "met people who believed in me".

"There might be some factors from OnlyFans for getting me to where I am today", she acknowledged.

However, she also admitted in the video that she "personally really do not want to work on OnlyFans anymore", which is why she is making the decision to switch careers to "do what I like".

According to Hype MY, Siew chose DJ-ing as she wanted to be "near to fans", something she could not do from behind the camera.

Siew's career switch was also announced at a press conference on Dec. 3.

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"Doing OnlyFans was actually never a part of my plan when I started working as a hostess at 18 years old", Siew said at the event, Malay Mail wrote.

Now, she wants to "mature myself as a content creator" and "defy what is expected from other female creators like myself".

In 2019, Siew's nude photos were leaked online after she sent her computer for repair and was extorted for RM50,000.

She explained in a YouTube video earlier this year that she "didn't want to die in another's hands", which is why she decided to lean into the racy persona that eventually led to her OnlyFans career.

Reactions from Siew's team

For Siew, the decision did not come easy.

Siew's brand is supported by a team of creatives who are on her payroll, and quitting OnlyFans would mean the lost of the "largest source of income", she explained in her video announcement.

"I do worry and I'm scared that the road there may be some difficulties, but I have thought about it for a long time", Siew shared.

According to Hype MY, her plan to become a DJ has been in the works for three years, but was disrupted by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The video also featured reflections from her team and industry-folks, who expressed a mix of shock, doubt and support for her decision.

Siew's manager questioned why Siew wanted to quit OnlyFans, while her videographer empathised with the decision.

"Because of all the stuff she does on OF, I'm pretty sure she is quite a misunderstood character", Singapore prominent Youtuber, Jianhao Tan, said in the video before asking Siew to "go for it".

You can watch Siew's video here:

Other than her OnlyFans career, Siew had previously starred in Malaysian film productions, released a music video and started her own cosmetic brand.

Top image via MsPuiYi Instagram, YouTube