MOH aware of rising demand for fever & cold medication, will work to ensure supply for S'poreans

The public is advised to purchase from generic brands and buy only for their consumption.

Ilyda Chua | December 21, 2022, 05:57 PM

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Chinese nationals in Singapore have been sending medicines back home in the light of an alleged shortage.

This comes on the back of the nation's recent easing of Covid-19 measures.

MOH aware of demand

In response to media queries, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said it is aware of the situation.

A spokesperson acknowledged that retailers and retail pharmacies have faced increased demand for over-the-counter medications to treat fever, cough, and cold.

But while retailers have placed additional orders to meet the demand, some brands may take a longer time to restock the supply.

As such, the spokesperson advised: "If a preferred brand is currently unavailable, the public is advised to purchase an alternative brand."

The spokesperson added that generic brands are "just as effective" as branded medicines.

For instance, Guardian stocks 500mg paracetamol tablets from its house brand, which may be a suitable substitute for certain Panadol tablets, which comprise the same ingredients.

The public is also advised to purchase amounts "sufficient only for their own consumption" to avoid wastage, the spokesperson said.

In the meantime, the ministry is working with retailers to ensure that medicines are available to Singaporeans in need.

Top image via Evolette Ng/FB