Fan who lived abroad tells S'porean songstress Kit Chan her song 'Home' provided comfort

The fan shared that her kids would fall asleep to the song "like a lullaby".

Nigel Chua | December 08, 2022, 04:19 PM

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You might think that Kit Chan is over getting recognised as the singer of the hit song "Home".

After all, it's been more than 24 years since the Singaporean singer performed what has arguably come to be the best-known Singapore song in our nation's history, at the 33rd National Day Parade, in 1998.

However, a recent encounter she had with a fan proves otherwise, showing that the evergreen hit is ever-impactful.

Chan recounted the unexpected interaction in a Nov. 29 Facebook post, explaining that she met the fan while getting groceries.

The fan had recently moved back to Singapore from Australia with her children, and brought up the song "Home".

According to Chan, the fan started to cry as she recalled her experience with the song:

"Her eyes started to water, and soon she was just crying unabashedly, recounting to me how she would listen to 'Home' with her kids, who would fall asleep to it like a lullaby, and how it gave her much comfort during those times."

Personal stories

"I was extremely grateful for her sharing," said Chan, saying that it was these personal stories that made her feel that her work was "not just entertainment".

Chan shared that like the fan, she too has a soundtrack for each different period of her life — a practice she finds "so important for [her] soul".

The meeting with the recently-returned overseas Singaporean left Chan feeling "so blessed and rewarded, and motivated to keep doing what I do".

You can see Chan's post here:

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Top image via Kit Chan on Facebook and 陳潔儀 Kit Chan (Kit Cat Club) on YouTube