GrabFood rider pays S$214 to unlock wheel clamp after making 2-min delivery at Bishan condo

He can only earn S$200 working from 6am to 9pm.

Gawain Pek | December 25, 2022, 05:48 PM

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Within just two minutes, one Grab rider lost more than a day's worth of earnings after the wheel of his motorcycle was clamped by security personnel at a condominium complex in Bishan.

Left to make delivery for two minutes

The rider, Gan Huan Bin, 20, was making a delivery to SkyVue condominium located along Bishan Street 15 during a heavy downpour on Dec. 20, according to Shin Min Daily News.

When he arrived at the condo, Gan was told by the guards to park near the refuse bin area.

However, the area was unsheltered and would require Gan to walk under the rain.

As the food he was delivering was packed in paper bags, walking under the rain meant soiling the bags and the food inside.

So, Gan decided to enter the car park on the first floor instead.

"I reasoned that it would not take too long. The customer stayed on the first floor. I could head in, hand them the food and be out fast", Gan told Shin Min.

With that, Gan stopped his bike near the residential lift lobby and left to make the delivery.

However, when Gan returned just 2 minutes later, he saw that the guards were clamping the wheel of his bike.

Image via SG Road Vigilante.

Image via SG Road Vigilante.

When Gan approached the guard, he was told that they received complaints from residents.

Fee was more than a day's earnings

Gan shared with Shin Min that he was a full-time GrabFood delivery rider.

In a typical work day, which starts at 6am and ends at 9pm at night, he takes home around S$200.

To release the clamps, Gan paid a fee of S$214 that day -- inclusive of 7 per cent GST.

Photo via Shin Min Daily News/Facebook.

Image via Beh Chia Lor.

"I started working a little later that day, so the earnings of the day weren't enough to fund the unclamping fee", Gan bemoaned.

"It was the first time I visited the condo, and also the first time my bike was clamped. I hope other riders will take note to avoid going through what I did", he remarked.

Guard later said he could have parked in B2

Gan shared that the security guard told him only later on that he could have parked in the basement two level of the car park.

Since the guard did not initially mention this to him, he is hoping that the condo's management will hear him out and provide him a refund.

According to Shin Min, Gan had since reached out to the condo's management a total of seven times but has not heard back.

He also visited the condo the day after the incident to try to speak to the manager, but the manager did not show up even after Gan waited several hours.

Top image SG Road Vigilante/Facebook, Beh Chia Lor