Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park very crowded during year-end holiday season

Is water wet?

Belmont Lay | December 22, 2022, 06:42 PM

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Is Genting Highlands crowded during the year-end holiday season?

Is it packed with families who have their children in tow to experience temperate climate conditions in Malaysia?

Will there be long queues at places of interest, theme park rides, and attractions?

Are people all holidaying at the same time after a bruising pandemic that has kept travel at bay for more than two years?

Is water wet?

Yes, Genting Highlands crowded during peak season

One TikToker from Singapore found out the hard way when he was at the Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park in Genting Highlands.

He documented the crowds in a TikTok on Dec. 14, where scenes of people shuffling along, shoulder to shoulder, appeared to be the norm.

Calling the scene a "super human jam", the video said: "If you are planning to go Genting, please think twice. Now people mountain people sea. Sibeh many people. Every rides all super long queue."

The TikTok attributed the crowds to the year-end holiday season.

Some of the people seen in the video appeared to have been queuing to enter a venue.

Many of the adults were seen with children with them.

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How to avoid disappointment

Some of the commonly cited ways to avoid disappointment at Genting Highlands include not visiting the tourist attraction during peak season, being mentally prepared for the wet season when inclement weather is expected, as well as checking details beforehand, such as whether rides and attractions are undergoing planned closure.

And prepare for the unexpected.

Top photos via bibipew TikTok