Ex-NSF tells nurse her chest as flat as a 'runway', harasses teachers, military supervisor & public servants

He loitered outside his supervisor's homes and threatened the safety of their families.

Ruth Chai | December 09, 2022, 04:03 PM

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A former full-time national serviceman harassed various individuals, including his former teachers, his military supervisor, a police officer, and a nurse during his stint in the Republic of Singapore Navy.

He posed as his teacher in a Telegram chat to offer sexual services, resulting in her receiving unsolicited phone calls from others asking about these services.

In addition, he photoshopped another teacher's face onto an image of a naked female body and sent them to her colleagues at the Ministry of Education (MOE).

He also stalked his direct supervisor from the navy, and used vulgar language towards public servants, including insulting a nurse by telling her that her chest was as flat as the "Changi Airport runway".

Alvin Seah, 24, was sentenced in November 2022 by a court to 15 weeks' jail, but he is currently appealing the sentence.

Seah had pleaded guilty earlier to eight charges, including insulting the modesty of a person, unlawful stalking and using abusive words against a public servant.

Another five charges were taken into consideration in sentencing.

According to court documents, Seah was an NSF with the Republic of Singapore Navy at the time of the offences, but is no longer part of the navy.

CNA reported that Seah returned to court on Thursday, Dec. 8 to ask about a curfew he thought he was under, but was told there were none.

Harassed teachers and army superior

Seah was unhappy with his some of his former secondary school teachers.

From Aug. 29 to Oct. 19, 2020, Seah pretended to be one of his teachers in a Telegram chat, using a picture of his teacher as his profile picture.

He then offered sexual services to two individuals and provided them with his teacher's number.

The teacher ended up receiving several unsolicited phone calls from unknown persons asking about the sexual services.

Using the teacher's email, he then sent an email to the teacher's colleague.

The email was titled "For you", and contained a photograph attachment of a group of naked men with their genitals exposed.

In addition, he used the same email address to send another email to at least 50 other staff members from the same school.

The email contained an image of a third teacher's face edited onto an image of a naked woman.

By doing so, he had caused distress to his former teachers through his harassing actions.

In another incident, Seah stalked his direct supervisor in Tuas Defence Squadron.

Court documents indicated that Seah was moonlighting as a GrabHitch driver while serving national service.

His supervisor highlighted this to his superior, which caused Seah to be investigated and fined.

This caused Seah to hold a grudge against his supervisor.

Between Aug. 10 and 29, 2020, Seah stalked his supervisor by loitering outside his house on eight separate occasions, and had also used Grab to take rides to his supervisor's home on five occasions.

When Seah was posted as a store man in the navy, he was unhappy with his placement and approached a head of manpower with a request to be transferred.

The transfer did not happen, and he verbally threatened and harassed her, claiming that he would vandalise her car, puncture her car's tyres and harass her family.

He was sentenced to six months' imprisonment by the military court, but continued to harass her after his release.

He called her twice and loitered outside her house on two occasions.

The last straw was when he rang her doorbell several times.

She checked her CCTV and realised that it was Seah.

Remembering his previous threats, she feared for her family's safety and called the police.

The police arrived and tried to interview Seah, but he demonstrated uncooperative and evasive behaviour, repeatedly challenging the authority of the officers, raising his voice at them and taunted them by pretending to run away.

He was apprehended for disorderly behaviour.

Insulted public servants

Following these incidences, Seah was investigated for harassment some time in April 2021.

Whilst he was recording a police statement, he demonstrated uncooperative behaviour and pestered the investigation officer about his other cases that were being investigated.

The investigation officer informed Seah that if he wished to find out about his other cases, he would have to contact the relevant investigation officer in charge.

On May 6, 2021, Seah sent a series of vulgar texts to the investigation officer, requesting her to get her colleague to call him.

When the investigation officer checked her phone, she received messages such as, "Deaf b***h?" and "F**k u for giving me problem", from Seah.

On Mar 1, 2022, Seah went to Sengkang General Hospital's Accident and Emergency Department complaining of chest pains.

A staff nurse keyed in Seah's details and noticed in the system's notes that he had a history of making inappropriate requests to female nurses, such as asking them to apply cream on his genitals.

She arranged for a male colleague to attend to him, advising her female colleagues to be careful of Seah.

After the consultation, Seah inadvertently saw the comments under his profile in the hospital's computer system and was angered.

He started shouting at the nurse, then whipped out his phone to film the nurse whilst taunting her, saying that she had a "flat chest" which was comparable to the "Changi Airport runway".

The nurse called for security, which removed Seah from the scene.

The prosecution had asked for 14 to 21 weeks' jail for Seah.

On the harassment suffered by the nurse, the prosecutor said Seah's reaction after seeing the notes was "entirely disproportionate" and "reeked of a guilty conscience", CNA reported.

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