Chingay makes physical return in Feb. 2023 at F1 Pit Building for 28,000 spectators

Digital & hybrid formats during the pandemic.

Belmont Lay | Nixon Tan | December 01, 2022, 04:01 PM

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Chingay Parade, Singapore’s biggest multicultural Chingay parade, is physically returning live on Feb. 3 and 4, 2023, at the F1 Pit Building.

Touted as Singapore’s largest community arts showcase, it will involve over 10,000 residents, artists, and art groups, including more than 3,000 performers.

The past two years saw Chingay presented via digital and hybrid formats due to pandemic restrictions.

Familiar elements return

The return to a physical live show will mark the return of the signature carnivalesque floats alongside mini community-created floats.

Spectators will also be able to see the floats and performers up close.

The Chingay Mini Floats programme, following its inaugural launch in 2022 and held in conjunction with PAssionArts, will return to engage the residents, grassroots organisations, and community partners to construct floats for next year's parade with the aim to build expertise for future parades.

The National Education (NE) show for primary school students will also make a comeback after a two-year hiatus.

The 2023 theme, “Embrace Tomorrow”, completes the trilogy that began with 2021’s “Light of Hope”, followed by 2022’s “Ignite Our Dreams”.

According to Chingay's organiser, the People's Association, this year's theme "calls on Singaporeans to treasure the present and embrace tomorrow together as a community with hope, dreams, and confidence as we commit to a brighter Singapore".

New elements

This year's parade will also feature a larger-than-life art installation that will act as the parade’s performance backdrop.

It will be co-created by eight local artists and 480 youths.

This large-scale art installation represents the aspirations of the community, PA said.

Heartlands celebration

The celebrations will continue in the heartlands.

Chingay@Heartlands will bring snippets of the main parade, such as the big dazzling floats, selected mini community-created floats, and featured performances, to different residential estates for residents.


Tickets for Chingay 2023 Parade will be available for sale from Nov. 25 at Sistic.

Sector A category tickets, which provide a close-up view of the large-scale art installation as the performance backdrop, range from S$28.50 to S$60.

Seats at Sectors B, C, and D, which sell at S$20 each, are part of a new tier of tickets introduced for Chingay 2023.

They provide an option for a close-up experience and interaction with performers and the floats.

PAssion Card members will get to enjoy 20 per cent off on all admission tickets.

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