Chinese woman broke four ribs in coughing fit after eating spicy food

The doctor said that her upper body lacked muscle strength.

Yen Zhi Yi | December 09, 2022, 04:07 PM

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A woman in Shanghai was left with four broken ribs after having a serious coughing fit caused by eating spicy food, according to Shandong Business Daily.

Loud cracking sound

The woman, whose surname is Huang, was coughing while having her spicy dinner until she heard a loud cracking sound from her chest.

She didn't think anything was wrong at first, but then realised she had difficulty talking, walking and breathing. Afterwards, she went to a hospital to seek medical attention, according to an article on Sina Weibo.

Huang underwent a CT scan which showed that she had four slightly broken ribs, but otherwise there were no further abnormalities. The thoracic surgeon told her to rest for a month with bandages.

It is unknown how old Huang is.

Weak upper body caused fractures

Huang was told that had a weak upper body which resulted in her being more prone to fractures. According to the surgeon, her thin upper torso, weak muscular structure and low body weight caused her broken ribs as she lacked muscle strength to support her bone structure.

Huang, who is 171 cm tall and weighs approximately 57 kg, is aware that she does not have much muscle mass even though her body mass index is within the normal range.

Advised to build muscle

In the video, Huang admits that she has really never exercised after giving birth. She was advised by the doctor to partake in more physical activity to strengthen muscles, once she recovers from her fractures.

Some commenters were shocked at the incident, while others expressed relief at weighing heavier and sent her their well wishes.

Previously, a 48-year-old woman also fractured two of her ribs after coughing due to an allergic reaction to flowers she received from her husband.

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