'Friend Zone' actor Nine admits that he confessed to co-star Baifern

When real life follows a rom-com's storyline.

Lean Jinghui | December 06, 2022, 05:09 PM

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Co-stars of popular 2019 Thai movie "Friend Zone" – Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul, 30, nicknamed "Baifern", and Niphat Siangsomboon, 26, nicknamed "Nine" – might just be dating each other.

Baifern is one of Thailand's biggest actresses, perhaps best known for her lead role as Nam in the 2010 movie hit "First Love (Crazy Little Thing Called Love)".

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Meanwhile, Nine is also a Thai actor and model, and has starred in multiple productions with Baifern over the years, including "Friend Zone" in 2019, and "Sroi Sabunnga: A Tale of Ylang Ylang" in 2022.

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Nine admits publicly that he confessed to Baifern

News about the two becoming lovers broke after Nine was recently asked about Baifern during a media interview, to which he publicly shared that he had just confessed to her, according to various social media sources and Thai media reports.

In the video, Nine shares that he has had feelings for Baifern for some time, but was not sure what to do about them.

He adds that he had tried to show Baifern that he likes her through his actions, but she apparently had not recognised it.

However, things changed after the pair returned from a recent trip to Milan.

Realising that their relationship was actually "very special", Nine then decided to confess. He elaborated:

"I want her (Baifern) to continue to be present in my life.

And if [hypothetically] Baifern were to date someone else, and was dating for a long time, I might not have a chance anymore. So I realised I couldn't wait any longer; I had to confess my feelings to her."

According to Nine, Baifern had only laughed in response then.

She has reportedly yet to officially respond to Nine's confession.

Travelled to Milan together

According to 8world, Nine and Baifern met on the set for "Friend Zone",  which follows the story of two best friends in the friend zone.

Rumours about the pair dating in real life subsequently arose, and has been speculated by fans for years.

In Sep. 2022, Baifern shared several photos of herself travelling with Nine in Milan, with the pair looking rather cozy.

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Image via @baifernbah Instagram

Image via @baifernbah Instagram

Image via @baifernbah Instagram

It was reported that Baifern had also recently attended a birthday celebration for Nine's mother.

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