Dairy milk made without cows available at S'pore supermarkets for S$4.95

Not made by cows, but microorganisms.

Zi Shan Kow | November 30, 2022, 06:32 PM

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Ever heard of dairy milk that doesn't come from cows?

Made by microflora

Very Dairy claims to be Asia’s first dairy milk produced entirely without animals.

The milk is instead made by microflora, which are microorganisms that are found in living organisms, and contains dairy proteins identical to those found in traditional dairy.

Image by Very Dairy.

The brand was launched by California-based food tech company Perfect Day, which developed a proprietary precision fermentation technology to create the "world's first" animal-free milk protein.

The microflora used to create Very Dairy milk is a fungus that historically lives in soil.

When provided the genetic information to make whey and casein proteins, it can convert plant sugar into these main proteins found in milk through the process of fermentation.

According to the brand, not only is the milk made without animals, but it is also more environmentally friendly and less resource intensive.

Compared to conventional production methods, their whey production process reduces water use by up to 99 per cent, emits up to 97 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions, and uses up to 60 per cent less non-renewable energy.

This vegan-friendly milk is also free of lactose, hormones and antibiotics, and is low in sugar and saturated fat.

S$4.95 for one litre

Very Dairy milk is available in plain, chocolate and strawberry flavours.

You can buy it islandwide at FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant Hypermarket and RedMart, retailing at S$4.95 for a one-litre carton.

Image by Very Dairy.

Image by Very Dairy.

Coolhaus, an animal-free ice-cream brand from California, uses the same animal-free milk protein as Very Dairy.

It is priced at S$13.95 per pint and available at mainstream supermarkets in Singapore.

Image by Coolhaus Singapore/FB.

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