Unpainted hump at Portsdown Road sends cars flying a la Vin Diesel movie about family

It has since been painted.

Alfie Kwa | November 25, 2022, 04:39 PM

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On Nov. 24, a Tiktok user filmed a series of vehicles going over an unpainted road hump at Portsdown Road.

Some drivers failed to slow down in time and cars were seen flying over the sneaky hump as a result.

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Unmarked road hump

In the TikTok, the user point out that there was a new speed bump along Portsdown Road.

However, it was not painted yellow and white as usual.

Image via thienwp/TikTok.

Vehicles, especially those that were going at a faster speed, were sent flying.

Some even had the bottom of their cars scrapped.

For example, when this yellow taxi went over the hump, a loud shriek followed by a thump could be heard in the video.

Other drivers slowed down instantly as their front wheels went over the bump.

Should be been painted

Many TikTok users who saw the video pointed out that the hump should have been painted.

One commented: "Why is it the same colour as the road."

Many others commented on how the cars "went flying" over the bump.

The video, which spans almost 2 minutes, featured more than 10 cars going over the hump.

Many commenters said it was "satisfying" to watch cars go over the hurdle.

One wrote: "Am I the only one who find this satisfying to watch?"

Another said: "I can sit there all day and watch this live hahahha."

Now painted but

The same TikTok user posted another video on Nov. 25 that the road hump has been painted with a zebra crossing.

@thienwp New speed hump/bump at portsdown road part 2. #speedbump #speedhump #sgtiktok #singapore #fypsing #tiktoksingapore #sgfyp #fypsingapore #zebracrossing ♬ original sound - thienwp

However, the user pointed out that the zebra crossing, which is meant for pedestrians to cross the road, leads to a grass patch rather than onto the pavement.

Image via thienwp/TikTok.

Mothership understands that while the road hump has to be approved by the Land Transport authorities, the ongoing work is under the control of a separate company.

Top images via thienwp/TikTok.