Man takes to TikTok to say he's unimpressed by S'pore, annoyed by smoke-free park, colour of river & lack of perfumes

He suggested Singapore smelled because "you don't like perfumes here".

Gawain Pek | November 17, 2022, 04:18 PM

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A man on TikTok has drawn flak for rants he made about Singapore on the social media platform.

In a video posted to the platform by @youcancallmehubby, the user made several observations about the country which he took issues with.

While the clip has been deleted from the user's TikTok, it was uploaded to Instagram by @sg.incidents on Nov. 12.

According to Wake Up Singapore, the user revealed that his real name was Mario in a previous video.

The video appears to have been deleted as well.

Wake Up Singapore wrote that the man is an OnlyFans creator from Romania, though his Twitter suggests that he is based in Kuala Lumpur.

Came to judge for himself

In the video, @youcancallmehubby could be seen walking along the Singapore River, somewhere along Alkaff Quay between Clemenceau Avenue and Ord bridge.

Robertson Quay hotel could be seen in the background.

Image via @sg.incidents/Instagram.

View of Robertson Quay hotel from Alkaff Quay. Image via Google Maps.

The video began with @youcancallmehubby saying how you have always heard about how "oh, Singapore is amazing, Singapore is the best".

So, with all that has been said and what he has heard, he decided to come check out the "amazing country" for himself.

@youcancallmehubby then launched into a series of complaints about the country.

Smoke-free parks

"First thing that annoys me", he said before the video cuts to a "smoke-free park" signage by the National Parks Board.

"This is a f**king smoke-free country, not only the park, and the fine is up to two thousand dollars", @youcancallmehubby grumbled.

"I'm like, where the f**k should I smoke?" he further ranted.

He then went on to complain about the heat, and commented about how it is "impossible" to just go outside to smoke a cigarette.

Did not like colour of Singapore river

As he continued his stroll along the riverside, he did not let up on his complaints.

The next gripe he had was about the cleanliness of Singapore.

"They pretend they have a f**king clean country, the country isn't clean", he declared.

"It's dirty as f**k", he reiterated.

The camera then pans across what appears to be a rather well-maintained and clean-looking riverside walk to the Singapore river.

"Look behind me -- the river. Which colour is it?" @youcancallmehubby prompts.

"Exactly", he said confidently after a brief pause.

All of Singapore's rivers, lakes, and sea, are the same colour, according to him.

"So b*tches, this is not a clean country", he asserted.

Smells off

Apart from not being a clean country, there was apparently also a problem with the smell too.

Here is where the rant got a little personal.

"Like garbage, and like, terrible, everywhere", @youcancallmehubby said.

"And there is another problem, they don't use perfumes", he pointed out before removing his shades.

According to him, Singapore is a country that is "so evolved" on outward appearance.

It has so many "creams, the masks and cosmetics".

"What's up with the perfumes, guys", @youcancallmehubby questioned with an expression on his face that looked like a mix of woefulness and genuine concern.

He then pointed out that it is so hard to find a "f**king perfume", and you would have to walk a few malls to find "good perfume".

"It's terrible. Terrible", he opined.

"Now we know where all the smells come from. Because you don't like perfumes here in Singapore", @youcancallmehubby concluded.

He could be heard making a comparison to Europe before the clip posted to @sg.incidents cut off.

You can watch the full clip here:

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Previously posted another "racist" clip

According to Wake Up Singapore, @youcancallmehubby had previously posted a "racist" video in which he mimicked the accent and mannerisms of a 7-eleven store employee.

The employee was of Indian descent.

In that clip, the man had gone into the store to buy cigarettes, but complained that he was given the wrong kind, Wake Up Singapore wrote on its website.

While the video was removed from @youcancallmehubby's TikTok, it has been uploaded to YouTube.

Riled up commenters

@youcancallmehubby has attracted the ire of commenters on the @sg.incidents post, with many suggesting that he is free to leave if he is dissatisfied.

One user pointed out that if he wants perfumes, he can head to Mustafa Centre:

Image via @sg.incidents/Instagram.

On Nov. 13, @youcancallmehubby posted another clip of him walking barefoot and in the rain along what appears to be Robertson Quay, near Privé.

@youcancallmehubby #peaceout #dontspreadhate #leadwithlove #foruyou #foryoupage #pyfツ #pyf #fyp #viral ♬ original sound - 🐼Universal Music Lyrics🐼

The text in the video reads: "Mistakes are inevitable! You can only grow stronger if you learn from them! Peace out!"

Users in the comments section pointed out that it was ironic that one of the captions for the video was "#dontspreadhate".

Top image via @sg.incidents/Instagram