Tesla Model Y in China speeds uncontrollably over 2km & crashes into building leaving 2 dead


Ashley Tan | November 17, 2022, 05:23 PM

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An accident involving a Tesla Model Y in Guangdong province, China, left two dead and three injured.

Videos of the shocking crash circulated on social media recently, showing the Tesla car speeding uncontrollably down a road in Chaozhou city.

CCTV footage of the accident

According to Reuters, the 55-year-old driver reportedly had issues with the brake pedal when he was about to pull over in front of his family store.

Footage from various surveillance cameras along the long stretch of road showed the car slowly accelerating.

Initially, the vehicle narrowly missed several other cars and motorcyclists, but quickly sped up until it left dust in its wake.

Along the way, the Tesla clipped a bicycle, leaving the cyclist on the ground.

It later crashed into a three-wheeled vehicle, causing it to fall apart with driver tumbling to the ground.

The electric car then swerved and crashed into a building by the side of the road, rattling the CCTV camera and creating a huge cloud of dust.

Tesla denies claims about brake issues

The Tesla sped uncontrollably for over 2km.

The incident occurred on Nov. 5, and left two dead — a motorcyclist and a high school girl riding a bicycle, Reuters reported.

Meanwhile, the Tesla's driver, another bicyclist, and the driver of a three-wheeled motorcycle suffered injuries.

According to Global Times, local news site Jimu News identified the Tesla driver as a man surnamed Zhan.

A person claiming to be Zhan's family member shared on Weibo on Nov. 12 that Zhan could not stop the vehicle even after attempting to shift it to "park", reported Global Times.

Zhan reportedly told local media Dahe Daily: "I felt the car was malfunctioning, so I pressed the park button, but it began to accelerate.”

“Suddenly, I was racing ahead, and I tried the brakes repeatedly. There were others on the road. A motorcycle was ahead of me, so I swerved the steering wheel."

He added: "Because I was a truck driver, I knew what to do if ever my brakes failed on a slope, so after I lost control of the car, I immediately began searching for an obstacle to crash into.”

“I continued to try the brakes to see whether they would start working and stop the car. I was thinking about where to crash, but my reactions couldn’t keep up with the speed."

Tesla China has denied the driver's claims that the car's brakes were unresponsive at the time, Teslarati reported.

It claimed that data from the Model Y involved in the accident showed that the accelerator was depressed deeply for an extended period of time, and noted that the driver did not step on the brakes.

The electric vehicle maker subsequently told Reuters in a Nov. 13 statement that police are seeking a third party appraisal agency to "identify the truth behind this accident and we will actively provide any necessary assistance".

It also cautioned against believing "rumours".

Top photo from Roads.sg / FB