New Tampines North bus interchange opens with room for those who need quiet, calming space

Inclusive features.

Belmont Lay | Nixon Tan | November 28, 2022, 06:16 PM

The new Tampines North bus interchange opened on Nov. 27, 2022.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced the opening two days before Sunday to alert commuters to the amenities that cater to commuters and staff.

The bus interchange, managed by SBS Transit, is located along Tampines Street 62.

Inclusive features

Some of the inclusive features include wheelchair-accessible toilets, an accessible changing room and a separate baby care room for parents, barrier-free access at all the entrances and dedicated priority queue zones with seats at each boarding berth, as well as auto-sliding doors that operate by touchless sensors.

There is also a commuter care room for those with sensory needs who might need a quiet and calming space.

Commuter care room

Barrier-free access at all entrances

Dedicated priority queue zones with seats at boarding berth

Wheelchair-accessible toilets

Changing room & separate baby care room for parents

Staff amenities include dedicated staff toilets, a cleaner's room, and a staff lounge.

The bus interchange is also equipped with a reverse warning system to detect movement of buses from the parking lots to the driveway.

Existing bus services moved to new interchange

From Nov. 27, bus services 18 and 129 will no longer stop at Tampines Concourse bus interchange and will instead be moved to Tampines North bus interchange.

The routes for both services will be amended.

Commuters can visit the SBS Transit website for more details.

Service 298 will also operate from Tampines North bus interchange at a later date.

Information on bus service adjustments will be available at all relevant bus stops, bus interchanges, as well as on the LTA and SBS Transit websites.

All photos via LTA