North East Line: Additional 20 minutes travel time on Nov. 15 evening due to signalling fault


Gawain Pek | November 15, 2022, 08:15 PM

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Train service along the North East line (NEL) has been delayed due to a signalling fault, SBS Transit tweeted at 7:02pm on Tuesday (Nov. 15).

Commuters should expect about 20 minutes of additional travel time.

At 7:40pm, SBS Transit tweeted that free regular bus services are available at designated stops along the NEL.

Service delays started at 6:35pm

The service delays were first announced by SBS Transit on Twitter at 6:35pm, noting a signalling fault between Potong Pasir South to Boon Keng South.

10 minutes of additional travel time was expected then.

At 6:47pm, SBS Transit announced an additional 15 minutes in travel time.

Train moving in stop-go manner

Speaking to Mothership, one commuter, NS, shared that the train travelled in a stop-go manner between Buangkok and Serangoon station.

"The delay was about 20 minutes, and the train kept stopping and starting as it travelled between Buangkok and Serangoon", NS said.

Photo courtesy of CYY.

Photo courtesy of NS.

Top image courtesy of CYY, NS