Man, 60, jailed 12 weeks for fighting with coffee shop patron who was stuck in toilet

During the fight, the man had attacked the victim's face with a fragment of a beer bottle.

Matthias Ang | November 24, 2022, 10:55 AM

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A 60-year-old man has been sentenced to jail for 12 weeks after he stepped forward to calm down another person who had been stuck in the coffee shop's toilet, but ended up fighting with him, CNA reported.

The incident happened on Apr. 21, 2021, at a coffeeshop located at Block 1 Beach Road, according to charge sheets seen by Mothership.

Yieh Kan Wah was jailed on count of voluntarily causing hurt on Nov. 22, while two more charges were taken into consideration.

How did Yieh end up fighting?

CNA further reported that both Yieh and the 63-year-old victim were at the coffee shop with their friends.

At around 9.15pm, the victim, Tan Swee Seng, headed to the toilet and was accidentally locked inside. The victim was only let out about 20 minutes later and he voiced his unhappiness at the owner of the coffee shop.

Yieh then stepped forward to calm him down. However, they began arguing and this escalated into a fight.

At one point, Yieh picked up a glass beer bottle while advancing towards Tan, who was bleeding from his nose after being punched twice in the face by Yieh.

Glass bottle involved

The two men were kept separated and Yieh began to retreat, but Tan then began to advance towards him.

Yieh dropped the bottle, which smashed, and used one of its fragments to attack Tan's face. Tan was left with a laceration that was 7cm long on his face. Yieh only stopped when his friend intervened.

Tan went to hospital with bruises and lacerations which required surgery.

Paid the victim as compensation

CNA further reported that the prosecution had asked for 16 weeks' jail, noting that Yieh had aimed at a vulnerable part of Tan, and had used dangerous means.

Meanwhile, Yieh's lawyer, Anil Singh Sandhu from Kerta & Sandhu LLC, pointed out that Tan had been shouting at the top of his voice when he emerged from the toilet. Because of his agitation, the defence lawyer said it was difficult for Yieh to continue talking to Tan.

Tan had also used Hokkien vulgarities that targeted Yieh's mother when he tried to calm the victim down, he added, and said that Tan was "bigger in build" than Yieh, CNA reported.

Yieh also paid the victim S$970 as compensation for his medical expenses, which came up to S$968.55.

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