S'pore woman's S$68 fake eyelashes fall off within 3 hours after being told they could last 1 month

From a beauty salon in Bugis.

Ruth Chai | November 24, 2022, 03:37 AM

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A woman paid S$68 to get fake eyelashes done at a beauty salon in Bugis Cube, only to see them fall off completely -- within three hours.

The incident, as recounted by the woman surnamed Wang, was reported by Shin Min Daily News.

Wang also claimed her eyes reddened and the area around them started to swell following the fake eyelashes procedure.

What happened

Speaking to Shin Min, Wang said she visited the salon on Nov. 16 at around 1pm.

The salon's staff told her that the fake eyelashes could last up to a month, and that contact with water would not be a problem.

The procedure to get the fake eyelashes done took around an hour, and Wang said she went about her day after that.

However, her eyes began to itch, so she gently rubbed them.

To her shock, all of the eyelashes proceeded to fall out.

via Shin Min Daily News

via Shin Min Daily News

Felt cheated

She reportedly said she felt cheated as her money was flushed down the drain in a matter of three hours.

Wang told Shin Min that she suspected the salon used a low quality glue to attach the eyelashes, which could have resulted in poor adhesion and eye irritation.

Turned away initially

When Wang approached the salon in hopes of getting a refund, she was quickly turned away.

The salon explained that the lashes fell off as Wang had rubbed her eyes, she was reportedly told.

Wang was adamant that she did not rub her eye with force.

In all her previous experiences with such procedures, this did not happen before, she said.

Offered to redo

Upon hearing out Wang's grievances, the beauty salon reportedly attempted to rectify the situation by offering to redo Wang's eyelashes, and even offered free products to her.

However, Wang vehemently refused and opted to warn others of such cases instead, according to Shin Min.

The other side

In response to Shin Min's queries, a spokesperson of the beauty salon said that they offered to do a proper removal of the eyelashes for Wang, and even recommended that she purchased saline solution to reduce the irritation, but the customer reportedly refused.

Wang then requested for two bottles of solution worth S$68 that was said to assist in eyelash growth, but the salon thought that the request was unreasonable and did not agree to it.

In addition, Lin emphasised the importance of being careful with the eyelashes after they were attached, highlighting that one should not roughly rub one's eyes, or else, risk the lashes coming off.

Lin also said one should undergo such services at their own risk, especially if one is sensitive to such kinds of procedures.

If irritation occurs, one should gently rinse with saline solution or clean water, as rubbing with dirty hands introduces bacteria and results in further irritation and swelling.

Top photo via Shin Min Daily News