Ex-police officer in S'pore recounts haunted chalet, seeing strange girl & man

Renewed interest in 2020 videos after new TikTok highlights his first-person confessions.

Belmont Lay | November 05, 2022, 06:42 PM

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Do you like ghost stories? Do you like to hear them straight from the horse's mouth?

Well, evidently, a lot of people do too.

Spooky tales as told by ex-police officer

An Oct. 30 TikTok, which provided a quick cut of an interviewee recounting his first-person supernatural occurrences, has been watched more than 335,000 times in less than a week.

The interviewee, Roger Lau, a former police officer in Singapore who has since left the force, was speaking to Supernatural Confessions, a local platform that collates anecdotes of all things spooky and paranormal by people who encountered them.

Lau is the host of 00:01, a Chinese language paranormal show.

The one about the little girl and man at the cemetery

In the TikTok, Lau publicly spoke about his strange encounters of the other kind while on the job as an uniformed personnel patrolling the streets and how he ended up spooking his colleagues because of his ability to see things other people cannot see.

He purportedly has "the gift of the third eye", according to the TikTok caption by Supernatural Confessions.

In the clip below, Lau described what happened when he saw a little girl on one occasion, and a man at a cemetery while on the job on a separate occasion.

@supernaturalconfessions Roger, an ex-policeman and host of 00:01, a Chinese-language paranormal, tells us about his scariest and terrifying experiences in the police force. Having the gift of the third eye, he sees things that no one can see, such as restless spirits and shadowy creatures, while on patrol. #ghoststories #haunting #supernatural #fyp #police ♬ original sound - SupernaturalConfessions

According to him, he once saw a girl aged 13 or 14, wearing white pyjamas with a bit of a blood stain, standing by a tree.

When he turned to take a look again, the girl, whose face he could not see but had hollowed out eyes, was gone.

He then turned one more time, and lo and behold, the girl was staring at him through the car window.

He tapped on his partner's lap to get him to accelerate out of there -- without explaining what had happened.

In another anecdote, Lau said he once saw a man dressed in distinctive Chinese clothing trying to enter the grounds of a cemetery along Victoria Street using a metal gate.

It was 2am at that time, and Lau told his partner that he wanted to get down from the car to check that man.

His partner could not see the man and proceeded to extract Lau from the scene by driving back to the station immediately.

Lau said he is still trying to locate the metal gate till this day, but to no avail.

The one about the haunted chalet

A subsequent quick-cut video put up on Nov. 1 got even more views than the first.

It has been watched more than 467,000 times in a matter of days.

@supernaturalconfessions Roger Lau, ex-policeman and host of 00:01, continues his stories, with a scary, spooky encounter at a chalet most famous for a particular incident in the past. #scary #creepy #haunting #supernatural #ghost #chalet ♬ original sound - SupernaturalConfessions

This anecdote provided details regarding what Lau and his friends experienced while at a two-bedroom chalet at Changi Village years ago.

According to Lau, he has the habit of opening up the windows of hotel and chalet rooms to let the sunlight and positive energy in, and he did just that for the rented chalet's two bedrooms.

When it was time to retire to bed for the night, he and his friends decided to all stay in one room of the chalet together, leaving the other room vacant.

At around 1am, the group suddenly heard the doorbell of the front door of the chalet ringing frantically.

The group stayed calm and still.

The doorbell ringing then gave way to a series of door-knocking sounds -- but the door that was being knocked was the door of the bedroom the group of friends were in.

This knocking then gave way to even more violent knocking sounds on the wall.

The group remained calm and did not open the door to find out what was going on in the chalet.

They still managed to sleep through the night.

In the morning, Lau discovered that the door to the other bedroom in the chalet was closed and locked.

That should not have been the case as he had left the door open.

To his shock, when he used the key to open the locked door, he found that the windows inside that he had left open to allow the sunlight in were all closed.

Lau claimed that the chalet he stayed at with his friends was subsequently used by two teenage girls to take their own lives.

The chalets were later shut and made unavailable for public use.

In response to the video, the TikTok account of Civil Service Club Singapore replied to point out that Chalet M is the one that has been closed and not Chalet H, as stated by Lau.

Civil Service Club Singapore said, "Chalet M was the chalet that was closed, not chalet H".

"Chalet M is located away from the other CSC chalets," Civil Service Club Singapore added.

Civil Service Club Singapore then followed up with another reply to clarify that Chalet M, while closed, still stands, and that it belongs to the Singapore Land Authority as state land.

Commenters who replied to the thread were of the opinion that the response by the Civil Service Club Singapore lent credence to Lau's claim that a part of the chalet in Changi Village had indeed been shut down, given that others remain operational.

September 2020 videos

The truncated first-person interview Lau gave were originally put up on YouTube in September 2020.

The original two-part interview with Lau runs for a combined 25 minutes or so.

You can watch the two videos below for more creepy anecdotes.

Part 1

Part 2

Top photo via Supernatural Confessions