PAS leader alleges certain DAP leaders are pro-communist, mentions Lee Kuan Yew for some reason

Yup it's election season.

Sulaiman Daud | November 12, 2022, 05:51 PM

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The leader of the Malaysian Islamist Party (PAS), Abdul Hadi Awang, refused on Nov. 10 to withdraw his comments that some DAP leaders are "pro-communist".

While explaining his stance, he also made some unverified claims about Singapore's first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew.

Abdul Hadi's allegations

Abdul Hadi had alleged that some DAP leaders, who belong to the opposition Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition, were supposedly supportive of communism. Hadi's party is in the rival Perikatan Nasional coalition.

According to the New Straits TimesPH members slammed Hadi's remarks, with some lodging police reports.

Lim Guan Eng of the DAP said his allegation was "pure fakery".

However, Hadi refused to recant his words and said he will see (the DAP) in court.

Berita Harian also reported on Hadi's remarks, and added more details.

Mention of Lee Kuan Yew

According to Berita, Hadi had also accused the DAP of rejecting the institution of the monarchy. He pointed to DAP's record of governing the state of Penang as supposed support for his claim, and mentioned Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore.

He said that DAP in Penang "promoted Malay candidates as a political tool", and alleged that Lee Kuan Yew did something similar in Singapore by supposedly "using Malay parties".

He also claimed that this is why the DAP is backing Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of PH, as their prime ministerial candidate.

It is unclear what Abdul Hadi is talking about, as the PAP has not worked with "Malay parties" in its history.

The DAP has a historical connection to the PAP, as they were formed by PAP members in Malaysia after Singapore left the federation in 1965. However, since then there have been no official links between the parties.

Free Malaysia Today also carried Abdul Hadi's remarks, and added that Abdul Hadi had gone to Bukit Aman police station to give a statement.

Malaysia is currently going through a political campaign ahead of a general election on Nov. 19. Mentions of Singapore by Malaysian politicians are not uncommon during such times.

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Top image from Abdul Hadi Awang's Facebook page.