Thai man loses 10kg after wife promises him a PS5 if he lost weight


Gawain Pek | October 27, 2022, 10:32 AM

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The Playstation 5 (PS5) is a rarity these days.

Ever since its release in November 2020 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, global supply chain problems, and semiconductor shortages, Sony's latest gaming console has been hard to find in stores due to inventory shortages.

For one man in Bangkok, his bid to get his hands on a PS5 involved a diet and lifestyle plan, as well as losing 10kg of weight.

Prab Laoharojanaphan posted to Facebook on Oct. 18 to share about how he was challenged by his wife to lose 10kg.

In return, his wife would reward him with a PS5 for his success.

Image via Prab Laoharojanaphan/Facebook.

Weight loss wisdom

Laoharojanaphan outlined his strategy for anyone who would like to follow in his footsteps.

First, he proposed "intermittent fasting".

"Start from 16-8, then gradually reduce meal timing to 18-6 and 20-4 respectively. Currently I alternate between 20-4 on one day and one meal per day on the next day", he added.

For exercises, Laoharojanaphan prescribed cardio and strength training, alternating between both.

Diet wise, he suggested an 80-20 split between keto and treats.

For the 20 per cent of treats, he indulges in that by dining out with his loved ones on special occasions, saying he cherished those moments.

Sometimes, however, it is mind over matter.

For shreds of wisdom, Laoharojanaphan recommended "The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss", which he said was "very important".

"We need a certain knowledge to understand complex causes of obesity and use that knowledge to create a strategy that fits our own body and lifestyle", Laoharojanaphan elaborated.

Laoharojanaphan's journey apparently took him four months, and presumably a good amount of dedication.

To show off his success, Laoharojanaphan posed with an edited image of a PS5 in his hands.

Image via Prab Laoharojanaphan/Facebook.

Weight loss strategy affirmed by others

Laoharojanaphan's post received a hearty number of congratulations from other Facebook users, and has garnered almost 600 reactions.

One user agreed with the recommended reading, commenting that Fung's book is a "game-changer".

Another affirmed the effectiveness of Laoharojanaphan's diet plan.

Responding to Mothership’s queries, Laoharojanaphan shared that they will purchase the PS5 some time in late November. 

When asked if he will keep up with his diet and lifestyle, Laoharojanaphan suggested that he would, saying that as his “eating habits have changed”, his weight “will keep getting lower”.

Top image via Prab Laoharojanaphan/Facebook & Unsplash