S'pore couple flies out helper's daughter for surprise reunion in Bali

She hadn't seen her family in three years.

Ilyda Chua | October 17, 2022, 11:39 PM

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Being apart from one's family is always hard.

That's why a Singaporean couple decided to surprise their foreign domestic helper by flying her family out for a surprise reunion.

Hadn't seen daughter for 3 years

It'd been three years since 39-year-old Zulae had seen her family, shared user Theinish Pac in a TikTok video posted on Oct. 15.

"She's been so good to us and our kids so we decided to surprise her on our Bali trip and flew her sister's family and daughter in to join us," Pac wrote in the video.

The video showed the family, including the unsuspecting Zulae, flying to Bali and checking into a villa.

The helper was sitting by the poolside with her employers when a young girl, believed to be Zulae's daughter, accompanied by a woman and child, walked over and embraced her.

Zulae and family Photo from Theinesh Pac.

The heartwarming scene showed all four family members wrapped in a tight hug.

A teary-eyed Zulae then went to hug her female employer as well.

Birthday surprise

According to AsiaOne, the trip in early October had been planned as a birthday gift for Zulae.

The helper is a single mother working to support her 11-year-old daughter back in Semarang, Indonesia.

According to photos shared in the video — of Zulae enjoying Bali with her daughter, family members, and employers — it looked like it was a pretty successful surprise.

Bali reunion Photo from Theinesh Pac.

Pac explained that the couple had previously encouraged Zulae to fly home to visit her daughter when borders reopened, but the helper had declined.

Pac and his wife then decided to reunite this family.

"We have been so lucky to have her assist us with our growing family and maintain the sanity at home since 2019," Pac wrote.

"Thanks kakak!"

Positive vibes

The video received largely positive comments, with users praising the surprise as "wholesome".

"So much kindness in this video," one user writes. Another asks: "Why am I crying??"

In response, Pac wrote in the comments: "Thank you all for the positive vibes and kind words. Kakak is still in disbelief."

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Photos from Theinesh Pac/TikTok.