CCTV captures slippers moving on their own outside M'sia man's home, he feels that's it

Sceptics say it's the wind.

Belmont Lay | October 18, 2022, 06:32 PM

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Whenever footage of strange encounters of the other kind show up online, people are quick to call out the quality of the media and question why are cameras still made of potato in the 2020s.

However, when the footage was shot in HD and came about because it was motion sensor detected?

That was exactly what one man in Malaysia found one day when the surveillance camera outside his home's main door captured a pair of slippers moving on their own along the corridor.

The man put up a short video of the incident on Facebook, with the caption: "Sometimes I don’t know [if] having CCTV [camera] is a good thing tbh."

"My CCTV records anything in the foyer area if there’s movement. 🙃"

Here was what the man saw when he checked the footage:

Here's a close-up:

Here's in slow-mo:


Commenters who responded to the video were split into two camps: The suggestible and the sceptics.

Those suggestible were bamboozled by the sight of the slippers moving on their own.

One commenter suggested throwing rice along the corridor after this incident to see if foot imprints will be left on them.

However, the person who installed the surveillance camera for the homeowner responded that ghosts can fly and need not walk.

Another commenter said the homeowner should share another video next of the doorbell being rang -- when it happens.

Among the sceptics who spoke up and against supernatural talk, most suggested it was the wind and it was likely a draught was passing through -- given the location appeared to be a high-rise apartment corridor.

Another commenter provided a plausible-sounding explanation that the right slipper was curved at the base and the curvature of the slipper meant that it could pivot on its own when nudged by unseen kinetic energy, such as the wind.

The left side of the slipper ended up stopping the right slipper from rotating further after being nudged.

Others who were quick to provide an alternative physical explanation said it was probably a cockroach scuttling about and moving the slipper.

But without further footage or anything else to look out for in the high-definition video, it could also be surmised it was a ghost.

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