Rare T. rex skeleton on display at Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall from Oct. 28-30

The public preview is free.

Lean Jinghui | October 17, 2022, 04:20 PM

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A rare Tyrannosaurus rex (T. rex) skeleton will soon arrive on the shores of Singapore.

Via Christie's Hong Kong

According to a press release by Christie's Hong Kong, an international auction house, "Shen the T. rex" will have a public debut at the Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall from Oct. 28-30.

It will then be put up for auction at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in November.

Free entry

The public preview in Singapore is free, with those interested simply having to register their interest via this form.

However, it later appeared that all the viewing slots had already been booked.

In a new article, The Straits Times shared that Christie's Hong Kong has since shared that a "walk-in queue" will now be available during the allocated viewing days, for those who are unable to book their slots online.

This is to ensure "maximum exposure and the opportunity to get a glimpse" of the fossilised skeleton.

The preview will be held over three days (Oct. 28-30), from 10am-10pm daily.

According to the press release, the colossal skeleton was first unearthed in the fossil-rich region that is Hell Creek Formation, located in Montana, U.S.

The Straits Times reported that 79 bones belonging to the T. rex was first excavated at the site, before the rest of the skeleton was later assembled using the bones and additional casts.

The completed skeleton of the apex predator is 12.2 metres long, 4.6 metres high and 2.1 metres wide.

Shen's skull. Via Christie's Hong Kong

Shen's ribcage. Via Christie's Hong Kong

Shen's back legs. Via Christie's Hong Kong.

Shen's claws. Via Christie's Hong Kong

It weighs a hefty 1,400 kg.

According to estimates from Christie's Hong Kong, Shen would have lived during the Cretaceous Period, approximately 68–66 million years ago.

The dinosaurs were wiped out by a meteorite impact on Earth some 66 million years ago, towards the end of the Cretaceous period, in what has become known as the "Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event".

Estimated S$21 million to S$36 million in value

The T. rex, which is likely a male, is temporarily named Shen, which translates to "god-like" in Mandarin.

However, the skeleton's buyer will possess the "full rights and all soft assets relating to it", including being able to name it as they wish.

Shen will be the first ever T. rex skeleton to be auctioned in Asia, with an estimated value of US$15 million to US$25 million (S$21 million to S$36 million).

After its debut in Singapore, the fossilised skeleton will then headline at "Christie’s 20th/21st Century Art Evening Sale" in Hong Kong from Nov. 26-30.

So far, only two other T. rex skeletons have ever been auctioned, with both skeletons subsequently going to museums, reported The Straits Times.

Details of public preview in Singapore

Address: Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall, 9 Empress Place, Singapore 179556

Date: Oct. 28-30, 2022

Viewing hours: 10am-10pm

Top images via Christie's Hong Kong