7 puppies about 2 months old seeking fosterers in S'pore

Literally giving puppy eyes.

Belmont Lay | October 25, 2022, 10:07 AM

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Do you have a heart for animals, some space at home and would like to step up to take care of puppies until they are ready for adoption?

A total of seven two-month-old puppies are seeking fosterers in Singapore.

A Facebook post by Purely Adoptions on Oct. 24 is appealing for interested parties to step up.

According to the post, the puppies, consisting of four male and three females have just been rescued and dewormed, and are settling down.

Fosterers who are keen to take care of the welfare of the puppies are required to administer four meals a day and clean the dogs regularly, besides bringing the animals for vaccination and checks at the vet.

The dogs should ideally be fostered in pairs, the post added.


Purely Adoptions started out as a Facebook page in 2009 with the objective of sharing people’s post about puppies, stray animals and home pets put up for adoption.

Over time, it has grown into a community that continues to raise awareness of the abandoned pets in Singapore to reduce the number of stray and abandoned pets in Singapore by rehoming, fostering, adopting and whole process of integration of these animals.

It continues to provide a channel for those who want to give up pets, as well as those who want to adopt them.

All photos via Purely Adoptions