S'pore man poses as 'lingerie consultant' & prostitute to cheat women into giving him explicit photos, lures a victim into prostitution

He used Facebook to lure victims.

Ruth Chai | October 27, 2022, 06:33 PM

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Over a three-and-a-half-year period from November 2014 and April 2018, a man in Singapore used various means to lure women into sending him illicit photos of themselves in lingerie.

He even pretended to run a prostitution ring to trick a young woman into giving him free sexual favours.

He was married at that time.

On Oct. 26, Muhammad Nazri Sapar, 32, pleaded guilty to 15 charges.

The victims were aged 19 to 33.

The victims cannot be named due to a gag order.

His crimes included cheating by impersonation, criminal intimidation by anonymous communication, extortion, and transmitting obscene material by electronic means.

Used Facebook to find victims

Nazri pulled off his ruse by making his persona online believable.

He created a Facebook account, frequently changing the account names and profile pictures, but sticking to those belonging to Malay women.

This allowed him to easily approach other Malay women without raising their suspicions.

A young woman, who was 19 at that time, was convinced by Nazri to become a prostitute.

Nazri posed as different individuals to convince the woman.

In addition, his ruse also involved posing as a "lingerie consultant" who was seeking a personal assistant to trick four other women into sending him lewd images of themselves.

Tricked into prostitution

In December 2014, Nazri renamed his Facebook profile to "Irah Chocopie" and befriended a 19 year-old girl, named A1 in court documents.

He was able to gain A1's trust through conversation, and A1 later revealed to him that she was in need of money.

He suggested that A1 work as a prostitute, and that someone named "Nurul Huda" would soon contact her.

Nazri then posed as "Nurul Huda" and contacted A1 through WhatsApp.

Nurul told A1 that she was working as a prostitute under "Sabirah Abbas", the purported boss of the prostitution ring, as well as "Hafiz", the purported pimp.

These were all profiles Nazri had created.

As Nurul, he detailed fictitious experiences working in a prostitution ring, and told her to send explicit photos of herself to "Hafiz" in order to be initiated into the ring as it was the "industry norm".

He then added the victim into a WhatsApp chat with potential clients, asking them to contact her if they needed sexual services.

She serviced a total of 20 clients from November 2014 to early April 2015.

According to Nurul instructions, the victim charged S$50 for oral sex and S$100 for sex.

Nurul instructed her on how much to charge the clients.

A1 was allowed to keep all her earnings as a prostitute in exchange for videos of her sexual engagements with the clients.

The victim estimated that she sent Nazri more than 20 photos and fewer than 10 videos during the six months.

Threatened victim to comply

When she stopped her prostitution activities, Nazri posed as Nurul Huda once more, telling the victim that Hafiz was disappointed and that she needed to have sex with him to properly leave the industry.

She complied.

Over the next three years, Nazri used an email that he created to send a series of threatening and harassing emails to A1.

In these emails, he would send A1 her compromising photographs and threatened to post these photographs on the internet.

He also threatened that he would let her family know that she was involved in prostitution or to approach A1’s sister and get her involved in prostitution.

He told her she had to do the following: To find new women for him, record herself having sex with other men and send him the footage, be a sex worker, send him nudes daily or be his mistress.

Unsuccessful in finding other women, she opted to be his mistress instead.

He remained unsatisfied and she eventually sent him lewd photos of herself, but he grew impatient and continued threatening her.

Out of fear, A1 lodged a police report in April 2017.

Nazri was arrested in May 2018.

Posed as lingerie consultant

In 2017, Nazri posed as "Shahirah Malek", a lingerie consultant, and posted an advertisement on Facebook for a personal assistant, with a starting pay of S$2,500.

The first victim, a 21-year-old woman referred to as A2, responded to the advertisement sometime that year.

She was told to wear G-string underwear and send photos of herself daily.

She was also told to perform sexual acts on herself and send them to him. 

She sent him a total of 59 videos and 87 photographs from September 2017 to January 2018.

In 2018, another two women contacted him about the job.

He pressured them to take explicit photos of themselves when requested, including when they were at work.

If they were reluctant to send the pictures, he would tell them that other people vying for this job have already sent their pictures, making it a matter of who wanted the job most.

When one of the women expressed reservations about the job, Nazri created a Facebook Messenger group with himself, the two women and A2, whom he introduced as his former personal assistant.

He asked A2 to send photographs of herself in the group chat to convince the others to do the same. 

"No remorse or doubt"

Deputy Public Prosecutor Lim Ying Min argued that Nazri’s culpability for his offences was at the highest level, describing his behaviour as "egregious, manipulative and predatory", according to Today.

"Not only did he act with clear premeditation and subterfuge, he showed no remorse or doubt whatsoever when going about his spree of offending behaviour," the prosecutor said.

The DPP added: "The accused’s lewd pursuit of sexual exploitation was not only serious, it completely eclipsed any consideration of the victims".

Nazri is expected to be sentenced on Nov. 16.

The prosecution is seeking 11 to 13 years’ jail along with three to six strokes of the cane.

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