Pillars at Punggol MRT station bus stops slimmer now so commuters can see oncoming buses better

No more fat pillars.

Belmont Lay | October 18, 2022, 03:33 AM

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The two bus stops located outside Punggol MRT station were previously put under the spotlight after commuters blamed their odd designs for getting in the way of keeping an eye out for oncoming buses.

The problem was due to the pillars of the bus stops that were too wide, which effectively blocked the view of the road and oncoming traffic.

Design augmented

However, the design of the wide columns has since been augmented and the pillars have "slimmed down".

The pillars now appear narrower and provide a better view of the road and oncoming vehicles, so that commuters will be less likely to miss flagging down the bus they want to board.

Shin Min Daily News found that three of the pillars have been replaced with thinner ones by Oct. 17, a month after news about the structure was reported.

Commuters welcome redesign

Commuters interviewed said the change was welcomed.

One of them said she need not worry about not being seen by the bus driver now.

On a previous occasion, she had tried to flag down a bus while standing behind a pillar, but was not spotted by the bus driver.

What happened previously

When news of the Punggol bus stops made the rounds in mid-September 2022, Ho Ching, chairman of Temasek Trust, commented that it was "homework for the architects" and the issue was for them and the Land Transport Authority to resolve.

LTA said at that time that it had received feedback from the public with regards to the two bus stops.

It also explained that the bus stops are narrower than others because they were converted from passenger pick up points.

The pillars' location, LTA said, were due to drainage pipes located at the back of the bus stops.

LTA added that it will explore how to improve the design of the bus stops during their regular reviews of public transport infrastructure, and where feasible.

It had also reminded bus captains to slow down when approaching these bus stops in order for passengers to have a better view of approaching buses.

Top photos via Shin Min Daily News