Photographer drives 2,500km around M'sia in 11 days, mesmerised by beauty of his country

Travel goals.

Ilyda Chua | October 21, 2022, 11:04 PM

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Fancy a bit of budget travel and road trippin'?

A couple from Penang did just that by driving 2,500km around the perimeter of Malaysia on an 11-day road trip -- for about RM2,600 (S$780) for two persons.

Exploring the beauty of Malaysia

Mok JC, who made the trip with his wife in a Perodua Myvi -- a trusty Malaysia-manufactured car -- shared photos of the trip on Facebook in June 2022.

The post has since been shared over 50,000 times.

The journey took him around the peninsula, beginning and ending at Penang, where he is based as a wedding photographer.

Map of the road trip Connecting the dots. Photo from Mok JC.

Crossing Penang Bridge Crossing the Penang Bridge. Photo from Mok JC.

Although he has been on road trips before, this has been the longest one by far.

"Instead of exploring a foreign land, it was a good idea to venture and appreciate the beauty of our own country," he told Mothership.

He added that he plans on making more road trips in future, including one around Singapore.

Paddy fields, lakes, and oceans

The 11-day trip took him to a number of scenic places, from serene paddy fields to gorgeous lakes.

Temenggor Lake Temenggor Lake in Perak, Malaysia. Photo from Mok JC.

Sekinchan Paddy Farm Sekinchan Paddy Farm in Selangor. Photo from Mok JC.

tea farm A tea farm in Cameron Highlands. Photo from Mok JC.

He added that some memorable experiences included hiking up a mountain alone in the early morning, and admiring the beauty of the East Coast.

Driving through Gerik. Driving through terraces in Gerik. Photo from Mok JC.

signpost in bukit keluang Signpost in Bukit Keluang. Photo from Mok JC.

Port Dickson Port Dickson, a small seaside town south of Kuala Lumpur. Photo from Mok JC.

However, the trip came with its hiccups too.

On the first day of his trip, his car coolant began to boil while he was in "a very rural area".

"That is my first time experiencing this ever since I got my licence," he told Mothership.

In other places, he was unable to map out a route on Waze as there was no data coverage.

"Adaptability skills are the best things I've learned during this adventurous trip," he quipped in his Facebook post.

Budget travel

Mok also shared some tips on keeping costs low.

For one, the couple travelled using the country's federal route, which helped them avoid tolls.

Federal route Malaysia Federal Route 3. Photo from Mok JC.

They also set their accommodation budget to between RM75 (S$22) and RM150 (S$45) a night.

"We didn't set any 'must eat' or luxury meals, we took our meal according to the route we travelled," he added.

food stop Photo from Mok JC.

Siti Khadijah Markat in Kota Bharu. Photo by Mok JC.

Here are some more photos from his trip, for your travel inspo:

crystal mosque The Crystal Mosque, or Masjid Kristal. The exterior is coated with steel, glass and crystal. Photo from Mok JC.

colourful jetty Pulau Banding Public Jetty. Photo from Mok JC.

beach in malaysia Pantai Senok in Kota Bahru. Photo by Mok JC.

cameron highlands Cameron Highlands. Photo from Mok JC.

Sitting buddha Sitting Buddha at Wat Machimmaram. Photo from Mok JC.

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Top image from Mok JC/Facebook.