Javan mynas photographed beating one another up at Pasir Ris Park

State of nature.

Gawain Pek | October 31, 2022, 06:26 PM

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Mynas are a common sight in Singapore, often seen hopping around and going about their day.

Fights are also a common occurrence nowadays, with people throwing fists at each other for a myriad of reasons.

Less common is a violent fight between mynas, caught in photographs.

Birder Andrew Hunt captured dramatic photographs of Javan mynas in the middle of a heated brawl on Sunday (Oct. 30).

The encounter took place at 1.30pm at Pasir Ris Park, Hunt told Mothership.

Hunt shared the story of how the fight went down on Facebook group Nature Society (Singapore).

A story in three parts

In the first of three photos, one myna could be seen pinned down on the ground by two other birds.

The pinned down bird has turned turtle.

According to Hunt, the two birds were the "attackers".

The pinned myna was "defending itself from the talons of the other myna", Hunt described.

They were "trying to keep the beak closed" but "it managed to get its leg around the neck of one of the attackers", Hunt added.

A fourth bird stood by.

Things got worse for the pinned myna in the second photo.

According to Hunt, the attacking mynas managed to "clamp its beak shut".

A fifth myna could be seen joining the fray.

The violence peaked in the third photo.

"By the third pic, another myna got floored and was close to getting its eye gouged out", Hunt wrote.

Hunt took such a clear shot that you could, quite literally, see the white of the birds' eyes.

In the end, Hunt shared that the birds flew off "to battle somewhere else".

Big fight

Commenters in the comments section speculated on the cause of the fight, with one user guessing that a "newbie" entered the wrong territory.

In response, Hunt, a birder of two years, shared that fights like this normally break out over territory or mating.

One compared the behaviour of the mynas to that of gangsters.

Speaking to Mothership, Hunt said that fights like this can happen "occasionally", but he described the one on Sunday as a "big fight".

"I've seen about three times. This was the most aggressive I've seen", Hunt added.

All photos courtesy of Andrew Hunt/Facebook