'Why is IKEA salmon so skinny': Woman dismayed over thin fillet at IKEA S'pore

Fishy proportions.

Lean Jinghui | October 09, 2022, 12:35 PM

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A TikTok user recently took to the platform to share about the "skinny salmon" fillet she received while dining at IKEA Singapore.

Melissa Koh, who also goes by the handle @melicacy on TikTok, ordered the salmon fillet with hollandaise sauce dish (S$10), according to an Oct. 6 video she posted.

The dish comes with a serving of salmon, mixed vegetables, and vegetable potato medallions. Here's how it looks on the IKEA Singapore website:

Via IKEA Singapore website

"Skinny salmon"

However, Koh was left disappointed when her order arrived.

In her captions, Koh explained that she had asked to replace her veggies with more potatoes, and also requested for extra sauce — requests that the IKEA staff had generously acceded to.

However, Koh was also served a piece of salmon fillet that was conspicuously thin.

She opined:

"They were very generous with the extra sauce I requested for too, probably to make up for the skinny salmon."

Koh also showed a picture of the dish as advertised on IKEA's website, and compared the portion she received to a knife, and her finger.

Via @melicacy TikTok

Via @melicacy TikTok

Users joke about salmon fillet going on diet

In response to the video, several TikTok users made jokes about the thin slice of salmon Koh had received.

One user questioned: "Salmon fries ah?"

Via @melicacy TikTok

While others commented: "That's salmon on a diet, my dear," and "They took fish fingers literally".

Via @melicacy TikTok

Some others also opined that this was an example of shrinkflation at work, considering how salmon has been more expensive recently.

However, some felt that the portion of the dish was actually "reasonable", since the salmon dish at IKEA was "not that expensive". Others also shared that the salmon fillet portions might actually weigh "about the same", but may just be shaped differently.

Mothership has reached out to IKEA for comment, and will update this story if they respond.

Top images via IKEA Singapore website and @melicacy TikTok