2 F1 fans in S'pore have splashing good time in puddle after heavy downpour

When life gives you lemons.

Gawain Pek | October 03, 2022, 04:51 PM

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While some at the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix struggled with mud caused by the heavy downpour this past weekend, two F1 goers brought out their inner child and welcomed the rainfall.

Splashing good time

In a seven-seconds TikTok clip posted by @feektok, two men can be seen having a whale of a time in a puddle.

One of them had decided to plop himself in the puddle, frolicking away as if he was making the melted version of a "snow angel".

Another man, probably his friend, stood by with a drink in hand.

While not joining his friend in the deep puddle, he had some fun of his own as well by splashing at his friend with his feet.

Clip via @FeekTok/TikTok.

The man on the ground then got down on his knees and scooped a ridiculous amount of water over his head as if he was washing his hair.

Clip via @FeekTok/TikTok.

The two men were clad in what appears to be Red Bull racing team t-shirts.

Anderson Bridge and the Fullerton Hotel can be seen in the background of the clip, placing the spontaneous water playground somewhere along Queen Elizabeth Walk.

@feektok when life gives you rainclouds, mud and a wet race, i guess you can swim in it 😭 #singaporegp ♬ original sound - ar1esluver

"tomorrow fever"

@feektok wrote in the captions that "when life gives you rainclouds, mud and a wet race, i guess you can swim in it".

Commenters were divided in their responses to the behaviour.

One user expressed that these people knew how to enjoy themselves, before quickly getting shot down by others for double standards:

Image via @feektok/TikTok

Another poked fun at the two supposed Red Bull fans, pointing out how Red Bull driver Max Verstappen could not secure the world championship over the weekend:

One comment typified a Singaporean response to playing in the rain:

Image via @feektok/TikTok

Top image via @feektok/TikTok

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