Boy in China cries in frustration while teaching younger sister math, sister also in tears

No one was having a good time.

Ashley Tan | October 20, 2022, 05:54 PM

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One young boy in China experienced the pain every parent of schooling children goes through, while attempting to teach his younger sister.

The 12-year-old boy from Anshan in Liaoning province had offered to help his nine-year-old sister with her math homework, reported Chinese media.

According to the South China Morning Post, the boy offered to do so after seeing his mother get angry with the girl earlier while teaching her.

Sister was too stubborn

A viral video posted to Douyin captured the aftermath of the boy's unsuccessful coaching session.

The boy, already sobbing, lamented that he had already given his sister the answer to the math problem.

However, his sister was apparently too stubborn to listen to him.

"I already gave her the answer, there are three right angles in the picture, but she still insists that there are two right angles."

He repeats again while continuing to weep.

"I already pointed out to her the three angles, she's so stubborn, she still says there are two."

As he grumbles, his sister is also in tears.

Meanwhile, the children's mother laughs behind the camera, and quips to her son that he isn't "qualified as a teacher" either.


Netizens were highly amused by the boy's reaction.

"The boy was so angry he aged 50 years."

"This is definitely a high-risk job, whoever teaches will go crazy."

"Whoever teaches (the girl) will collapse from exasperation."

Earlier this year, a similar story of a father's frustration over his son's abysmal grades surfaced in China.

Top photo from Douyin