Youths, aged 18 & 21, help single S'porean mum, 36, take care of baby while queuing at JB customs

They took care of the baby even when they were briefly separated from the mother.

Gawain Pek | September 27, 2022, 12:40 PM

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High tensions often boil over in the queues at the Johor-Woodlands immigration checkpoint.

However, things were different on Sunday (Sep. 25) when Siti Zulaiha was caught in a jam while waiting her turn to clear the customs check.

Zulaiha took to TikTok to share about her experience with two youths, aged 18 and 21, that touched her heart.

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In line with her two young kids

Zulaiha shared with Mothership that she was returning to Singapore after her staycation in Johor with her two children -- an 11-year-old boy and a 7-month-old baby.

Image via @sitizulaikha0410/TikTok.

The mother and her kids had with them a big piece of luggage and a backpack.

For her months-old child, she had a slip-on baby carrier.

"It was a massive jam at JB checkpoint," Zulaiha shared.

Image via @sitizulaikha0410/TikTok

To make matters worse, her 11-year-old boy had fallen sick during their staycation.

In her TikTok, Zulaiha wrote that she was okay with the queue as she took it as a chance to make memories with her children.

Started with offer to help carry baby

"1 hour into the queue, the two boys behind me asked if they could help carry my sleeping baby", Zulaiha said.

She agreed after they insisted, Zuilaha told Mothership.

It was not just a momentary act of goodwill, however.

Zulaiha shared that besides carrying her baby for the next one hour or so in the queue, the boys also helped take care of the child on the bus journey across the causeway.

They even helped "calm [the baby] down in the bus" after he awoke. Zulaiha happened to be a distance away, separated by the crowd on the bus, she elaborated.

"After a few conversations, we found out that one of them stayed in Tampines a few streets away from mine and the other in Punggol. So we decided to take a taxi together", Zulaiha said.

According to her, the boys patiently waited for Zulaiha and her kids to clear the Singapore customs before they got on a bus together to Woodlands Interchange.

The group then shared a cab home from there.

Image via @sitizulaikha0410/TikTok.

After reaching Tampines, one of the boys continued his generosity by helping Zulaiha with her luggage despite having a fair share of his own to carry, Zulaiha described in her TikTok.

Boys are from ITE Simei

To express her gratitude, Zulaiha said that she paid for the cab, even though the boys offered to split the fare.

Image via @sitizulaikha0410/TikTok.

The boys, who extended help towards her during her "time of need" as a single mother of two, are from ITE Simei with one studying nursing and another studying AI science, according to Zulaiha.

Recalling one of their conversations, she shared that one of the boys commented that his mom is also "alone".

"So I know how it feels seeing you," he said.

"I just wanna say, your parents brought you up perfectly. And they will be proud of you", Zulaiha wrote in her TikTok clip.

"They restore humanity. Especially to single mothers like myself." Zulaiha expressed to Mothership.

Others in the comments section of her TikTok shared her sentiment, with one user writing that the boys were a "gem".

Top image via @sitizulaikha04/TikTok