Woman in China finds phone, argues with owner after demanding S$120, gets S$0 after police intervene

To give (a reward) or not to give? That is the question.

Winnie Li | September 03, 2022, 09:55 PM

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A Chinese woman was filmed quarrelling with a police officer and a young couple in Chengdu, China on Aug. 28.

This happened after the couple rejected her demand for a sum of RMB 600 (approximately S$121) in exchange for returning the owner's lost phone, Chinese news outlet Jiupai News reported.

Image via Dahebao on Weibo

According to a witness, the owner, who is a female university student, was only willing to offer RMB 100 (approximately S$20) in return.

Enraged by the low offer, the woman yelled at the owner, "I only brought the phone to you because you promised me RMB 600. How would you be able to retrieve it if I were not to find it?"

She also asked the owner to hit her.

There were a few police officers at the scene mediating the situation, with one explaining to the woman that rewards for returning a lost item must be given out by the owner on a voluntary basis.

According to the witness, at one point, the couple tried to leave the scene, but the woman followed them and asked the owner to hit her again.

In another video documenting the same incident by Dahebao, the owner was filmed throwing an RMB 100 note at the woman, shouting, "Here's RMB 100 -- I grant it to you."

Image via Dahebao on Weibo

The woman refused to take up the offer, shouting back, "Have I not seen an RMB 100 note before? I don't want it."

Eventually, the owner's boyfriend picked up the note from the ground and left the scene with the owner.

The woman was not able to stop them, as the police intervened. She then squatted next to a police vehicle and started crying.

Image via Dahebao on Weibo

Mixed reactions from netizens

Weibo users had mixed feelings about the incident.

Some criticised the owner for not honouring her promise to the woman who found her phone and for her condescending attitude. One user even commented that the couple lacks integrity and the woman should have just thrown the phone into the sea, rather than returning it.

Image via Weibo

However, other netizens also voiced their support for the owner.

Many agreed that if you found someone else's item, you ought to return it and should not feel entitled to a reward. Some even said the owner should sue the woman.

Image via Weibo

Top images via Xiangjiaomeimaobing's and Dahebao's Weibo