S'porean man trolls scammer/ guru by saying he also loves stocks, but those for soup

Soup stock is best stock.

Belmont Lay | September 24, 2022, 06:04 PM

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Tired of being perpetually added to chat groups by some rando on Telegram?

Frustrated about how another self-styled guru has come out of nowhere to ask you to accept his financial advice to make mad gains in the markets?

Or just hate being spammed in general?

Here's a nifty little trick you can keep up your sleeve.

Troll the scammer/ guru

A Singaporean man, who has had it up to here with being asked to make money in the markets by random people who add him into group chats without his consent, decided to have some fun.

He put up a conversation thread showing his chat history with a self-styled guru who wanted to enthuse people to trade stocks.

In the process, the troll managed to tell the scammer/ guru that he loves stock for cooking, is from Sydney, Australia, how to be a good neighbour, and even made a recommendation for the choice stock -- but not before making the scammer confused by his faux earnestness.

This was how the conversation went:

via Daryl Pangster Souji Seta

The account of the scammer/ guru eventually got deleted, according to a comment on the post, which provided an update on what transpired after the trolling.

Practise trolling

This method of wasting the time of the scammer/ guru is recommended with practice.

Which was what the troll did.

He has been putting up screen shots of his other conversations with the random people who add him in chat apps.

Should you also do the same and mess with the next scammer/ guru who added you into a chat?

Here's a checklist.

Recommended if you:

- Are using a second phone number

- Have little qualms revealing that your current number is live

- Don't mind spending some time winding another person up

- Just want to waste the scammer's time to distract him/ her from others

All photos via OneKnightStand92 Facebook