Indian mum, 25, fights tiger with bare hands to save 15-month-old toddler


Nyi Nyi Thet | September 08, 2022, 11:24 AM

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A 25-year-old mother, Archana Choudhary, from India, was faced with a nightmare scenario when she took her 15-month-old toddler out of their house in Rohania village to relieve himself.

A tiger, believed to have strayed from the nearby tiger reserve, pounced on the mother and son.

According to AFP, the tiger kept trying to bite the child, but the mother leapt to the rescue -- all the while screaming for help.

Eventually, villagers heard the screams and headed to the area. The tiger then retreated into the forest.

Choudhary and her son were then sent to the hospital.

She suffered punctured lungs and wounds to the abdomen, while her child suffered deep gashes to his head.

A local official told AFP that the mother was recovering and out of danger, and the child was doing fine.

Image from PTI via DNA and Mayur Desale/ Google