Singtel users islandwide experiencing issues with 4G & 5G data services since Sep. 21

Singtel apologised for the inconvenience, and shared that affected customers can "regain connectivity by switching their phones off and on".

Lean Jinghui | September 23, 2022, 04:06 PM

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Some customers of local telco Singtel have reported experiencing intermittent internet problems since Wednesday, Sep. 21.

According to the Downdetector site, the data service problem is still persisting as of Sep. 23 in Singapore, with over 100 reports made about Singtel outages at 12:07pm alone. The problem appears to be affecting users islandwide.

A heat map that shows where user-submitted problem reports are most concentrated over the past 24 hours. Via Downdetector website

Via Downdetector website

According to Downdetector, the most number of reports were made on Sep. 22, at about 7:37pm, with up to 1,261 outage reports received.

Customers using GOMO, a data service provided by Singtel, also appeared to be experiencing similar connectivity problems, with some claiming that they were not able to access their mobile data since Sep. 22.

Via Singtel Facebook

Singtel: Issue resolved on Sep. 22

In a Facebook update on Sep. 22 at 9:55pm, Singtel shared that it was aware that some customers were having "intermittent issues" with its 5G and 4G mobile data.

It also informed customers that "all affected 5G and 4G customers' data services issues have been resolved", and thanked customers for their patience.

However, several users in the comment section later shared that they were still facing problems with Singtel's mobile data services, as of Sep. 23 morning.

Via Singtel Facebook

Via Singtel Facebook

Via Singtel Facebook

Some of Singtel's customer service officers attempted to provide working solutions to the problem, but these did not seem to work for some users.

Via Singtel Facebook

Via Singtel Facebook

Singtel's latest update

According to the latest Facebook post at 12:30pm on Sep. 23, Singtel explained that its engineers have been "working overnight" to improve the services, and that it might have resulted in some "sporadic signal loss".

It wrote:

"We understand some of our customers may still be experiencing intermittent issues accessing their mobile services and would like to apologise for the ongoing inconvenience. [...]

Affected customers can regain connectivity by switching their phones off and on.

We realise that this situation is not ideal but rest assured we’re doing our best to resolve this and will provide updates as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience."

Mothership has also reached out to Singtel about the incident, and will update this story with their response.

Top images via Selene Lau Facebook and Downdetector