S'pore car allegedly used Causeway bus lane, told to stop by M'sia police & caught by officers from Woodlands side

The car continued moving forward despite repeatedly being instructed to stop.

Belmont Lay | September 27, 2022, 03:16 AM

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A Singapore-registered Honda Civic was stopped by Malaysia traffic police for allegedly using the bus lane along the Causeway en route from Johor Bahru to Woodlands.

The incident, which took place on Friday, Sep. 23 at around 5:20pm, was caught on camera by the occupant of another vehicle travelling along the same road.

What video showed

The video showed the gesticulating Malaysian police officer on the road shouting at the driver of the Singapore car to pull over.

The Malaysian police officer's motorcycle was parked on the road.

It is believed that the Singapore car was being instructed to make a U-turn back towards JB for using the bus lane to get ahead of the queue, Roads.sg wrote.

However, the Singapore car continued to move forward, despite instructions to stop.

Police officer hit car with hand

This prompted the Malaysian police officer to strike the Singapore car's side mirror with his hand.

The mirror appeared to simply revert back to its original position upon impact.

The person recording the scene could be heard saying off-camera: "The officer already told him to move over to the side, but he still moved forward."

She added: "This police officer so poor thing, all by himself."

After striking the vehicle with his hand at least twice, the Malaysian police officer walked in front of the Singapore car to block it from proceeding further.

Stopped by Singapore officers

The video then cut off abruptly.

The next scene showed the Singapore car being stopped by immigration officers wearing high-visibility vests, who are believed to be from the Singapore checkpoint.

Roads.sg wrote: "Eventually, the driver was stopped by the police."


Commenters who responded to the video on YouTube said it was clear the Singapore car driver ignored all the instructions of the Malaysian police officer as it eventually took the Singapore officers to carry out enforcement.

At least one commenter speculated what could have happened to the driver in the aftermath of the incident.

It is not known if the driver was eventually made to return to JB to queue again, or was he allowed to go back to Singapore, and dealt with upon reaching here.

Previous case

On June 4, 2022, a 40-year-old Singaporean man was issued a ticket for allegedly accidentally driving into the bus lane during his journey from JB back to Singapore at about 2am.

via Shin Min Daily News

However, the ticket did not state the penalty for the offence or if there was a fine, and only that the driver travelled along the bus lane, failed to obey traffic signs, and violated the regulations.

The man told Shin Min Daily News that he was verbally told in English after he was pulled over that he had to pay a RM500 fine by the immigration officer on Malaysia's side.

The Singaporean driver did not pay the fine eventually.

He then called the Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore in Johor Bahru for help.

The report did not state if the man was successful in avoiding any penalties following his appeal.

It only stated that he said he would have to return to Malaysia to pay the fine if he did incur one.

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