Man with 9 air-cons moves to another block in Sengkang, claims neighbours 'ganged up' against him

Eight out of nine of his air-cons will be moved to his new place.

Gawain Pek | September 22, 2022, 12:40 PM

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The curtain has fallen on the Sengkang neighbour dispute involving a man with nine air-conditioners installed in his home.

When Chinese media Shin Min Daily News (Shin Min) visited the area on Monday (Sep. 19), they were informed that the 63-year-old man, Huang, had moved out.

The man is reportedly living with end-stage liver cancer.

The neighbour who lives in the unit above, Liu, confirmed that Huang moved on Saturday (Sep. 17), Shin Min wrote.

Image via Shin Min Daily News.

Liu was the original complainant. He had struck a compromise with Huang earlier in August.

"We received a notice from the authorities last month sharing that Huang will move out in the third week of September. So we bore with it for another month," Liu shared.

Condensation in Liu's unit. Image via Shin Min.

Liu's wife revealed that Huang moved to a block numbering in the 100 series in Sengkang.

Aircons will be moved and reinstalled

"The units above and below mine have ganged up to make complaints about me. They went to the media, and informed the authorities. I moved because I felt unhappy staying", Huang told Shin Min.

His neighbour in the unit below, Su, 53, complained of mould that developed in multiple rooms of his flat.

“I had to clean the mould out every other day, and even re-painted the living room twice”, Su complained when speaking to the Chinese media.

Huang is now renting an executive apartment.

The unit is on the highest floor.

Eight of nine air-conditioners will eventually join him at his new place, Shin Min wrote.

Image via Shin Min.

The move, however, is a costly one for Huang.

"Rental at the previous unit cost S$3,800. Since I ended my rental contract prematurely, I had to forfeit two months' worth of deposit and agency fees", Huang shared.

"On top of that, I paid around S$5,000 to install the air-conditioners. Now I have to pay a few thousands more for someone to remove and reinstall them", Huang elaborated.

His monthly rental now costs S$4000.

However, Huang emphasised that he is not too bothered by the costs.

"As long as I'm comfortable", Huang pointed out.

Landlords should take responsibility

While Su had also confronted Huang, verbal agreements with him turned out to be for naught as Huang continued with his habits.

“The landlord should take responsibility too. They should not ignore the sentiments of the neighbours for the sake of rent”, Su suggested.

Top image Shinmin Daily News