12-year-old Sarang returns to Korean reality show 'The Return of Superman' with mother Shiho Yano

Special episode.

Alfie Kwa | September 04, 2022, 11:42 PM

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Choo Sarang was a regular in the South Korean reality television show, "The Return of Superman", from 2013 to 2017.

She made a special appearance on the show's 443rd episode recently.

The episode followed the pre-teen and her mum spending a day in Seoul, Korea.

Who is Sarang?

Sarang joined the TV series in 2013 when she was only 20 months old.

The reality TV show follows celebrity dads who will be tasked to take care of their kids for a day, sometimes over a period.

The show has been running for nine years, and viewers watched many of these celebrity kids grow up.

Image via akiyamachoo/IG.

One of them is Sarang, the daughter of MMA fighter and judo athlete Choo Sung Hoon and Japanese model Shiho Yano.

The episodes, spanned over four years, followed Sarang on her daily life spent in Korea and Japan. Viewers watched snippets of the Choo family's lives such as Choo bringing Sarang to see a doctor, swimming classes as well as taking holiday trips.

The Choo family left the show in 2017 even though Sarang made a guest appearance in 2018.

Sarang was a guest star on the show in 2018.

Now Sarang is 12 and entering her teen years.

Pre-teen Sarang

It's been a while since fans have seen Sarang on the show and it's clear that she's all grown up now.

The 12-year-old returned to the show with her mum this time to spend their summer vacation in Korea.

A clip of this episode shows the pair having a chat over breakfast, and Yano asked what she wanted to do.

Sarang replied in English: "I don't know."

Yano started to nag at her, saying that that was a typical response she got from the pre-teen these days.

"I think you are in the early stages of puberty," Yano alluded.

In the mids of having breakfast, Sarang got up and sneaked back into bed to use her iPad.

At this point, Yano reminisced some of the moments from "The Return of Superman" when Sarang was still a toddler.

Yano complained that Sarang ate very little these days, unlike young Sarang who used to like eating all kinds of food.

One of the moments that Yano recalled was when Choo asked who wanted to eat grapes and young Sarang enthusiastically said, "Me!".

"Don't you remember?" her mum asked, and Sarang replied, "No."

When Yano kept asking her if she remembers other moments from her younger days, Sarang got slightly impatient and responded, "Stop questioning me!"

Haven't been in Seoul for 4 years

This was the first visit to Seoul for Sarang and Yano after four years, Yano revealed in the episode.

The two went for a stroll to find Sarang's favourite snack, yoghurt with small chocolate bits, from a convenience store in Seoul.

They also headed to a boxing class with Choo's martial arts partner where they worked out a sweat.

After the class, the mother and daughter went for a wakeboarding session.

Yano recalled she had failed at wakeboarding seven years ago while filming the reality TV show, and so she wanted to try the activity again with Sarang.

Yano initially couldn't stand on the board and was washed away by the waves.

Screengrab via Viu Singapore.

After two tries, she managed to succeed.

The pair also went on to do other water activities before ending their day with jajangmyeon by the water.

Sarang teared up

At the end of the special episode, they reflected on their time back on the show which made Sarang tear up.

"It's so sad," Sarang said as she had such a good time at shoot and did not expect it to come to an end so soon.

Screengrab via Kocowa TV/YouTube.

Screengrab via Kocowa TV/YouTube.

While it was a special episode, there's a possibility for Sarang to appear on the show again.

Screengrab via Kocowa TV/YouTube.

Top images via KBS WORLD TV.