E-bike riders pelted with eggs & stones as Bukit Panjang HDB residents annoyed by late night ruckus

An unpleasant eggs-perience.

Lean Jinghui | September 03, 2022, 01:33 PM

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Residents living at a Bukit Panjang HDB estate have resorted to throwing eggs and even stones after being disturbed by a group of e-bike riders.

According to Shin Min Daily News (SMDN), the riders are accused of making a ruckus late at night, irking residents who live in the area.

Late night hubbub

A resident, surnamed Chen, who lives at the estate at Blk 448 Bukit Panjang Road, told SMDN that the area often sees many e-bike riders.

The group often gathers late at night and makes a lot of noise, disturbing residents.

Annoyed by the noise, some residents thus took to throwing eggs at them, starting "several months ago".

In the past, objects have been thrown from high floors at vehicles with loud engines that drove by, shared another resident, who said:

"There was once a Ferrari sports car that was struck by the litter. The car owner came out incredibly angry and was swearing. But I didn't know who exactly he was swearing at."

Rider shares his POV

One of the riders who encountered an "egg ambush" at the estate told SMDN reporters that he actually lived in the opposite block, and would occasionally meet with friends at the HDB's void deck to chat.

According to him, his friend had also been egged twice by the unknown assailants.

The 25-year-old opined that they were doing nothing wrong, and that the modifications done to their e-bikes were legal and had been "approved by the relevant authority".

He shared:

"I saw the culprit then, and I think it was a young man living on the lower floors of the HDB block. I was very angry [at being egged], and scolded him from below on the spot. It took me an hour to clean the mess up.

However, as it was at night, I couldn't see which floor he was on clearly."

Culprit remains at large, other residents maligned

Chen shared that just last month, a burly man had come to their unit and made a commotion that woke up the entire family, after believing that they were the egg throwing culprits.

Chen recalled that the man questioned her on why she would egg others, which left her very confused:

"I explained to him that we were not the culprits.

But he would not give it a rest, and in the end, we had to call the police."

Chen subsequently installed a CCTV at her balcony and front door, in order to find out who the real egg throwing culprit was.

However, the culprit remains at large.

Chen shared that another two strangers had recently come knocking on her door last Monday (Aug. 29), after they were allegedly struck by stones. One claimed that the stone had hit his mother as well.

The CCTV footage shows the two men repeatedly ringing Chen's doorbell, knocking on their door, and swearing.

Chen told SMDN reporters: "Only my son, daughter-in-law and my grandchild were at home then. As tensions were running high, and the men were shouting right outside, they did not dare to even open the door."

Chen shared that she has passed on all her CCTV footage to police, and will look for a town council member to assist in resolving the problem.

Under the Penal Code, those convicted of an offence related to the throwing of killer litter may be liable to a jail term of up to five years, a fine, or both.

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