Hundreds queue overnight at Orchard for new iPhone 14, some plan to fly back to Vietnam right after

Serious business.

Zi Shan Kow | September 16, 2022, 11:55 AM

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The latest iPhone model, the iPhone 14, is out on Friday, Sep. 16.

Hundreds of people were seen waiting in line outside the Apple store at Orchard Road, with some having spent the night queuing outside the Courts Nojima store at Orchard Road.

Queue started at 6pm the previous day

At the Courts store at Orchard Road, the line for the release began as early as 6pm on Sep. 15, according to 8world.

Many of those were forced to queue at Courts as no queuing was allowed outside at the Apple store just a stone's throw away.

Some of those in line were tourists who brought along their luggage, as they intend to fly back to Vietnam after getting the phone.

Image via Courts/FB.

Image via Courts/FB.

First in line flew in from Kuala Lumpur

A large group of eager buyers, some with luggage in tow, were also seen outside the Apple store at Marina Bay Sands.

Image via Danny Antau/FB.

The Apple store at Orchard Road also saw at least 500 customers waiting outside, reported 8world.

There were two lines, one for those who planned to purchase the device on the spot, and another for those who had pre-ordered and were waiting for collection.

First in line for collection was a man from Kuala Lumpur who made his pre-order for the iPhone 14 a week ago.

He said he slept at the airport the previous day, and was also the first in line for another Apple release in Singapore four years ago.

"I think it is worth it, even though sales for the iPhone 14 in Malaysia start next week. I still think coming to the physical store is exciting. There isn't a physical Apple store in Malaysia, so this is a different experience," the man told 8world.

To mitigate the crowd, the staff took down the personal information and order number of each customer, and requested that they return to the store at a specified pick-up timing.

Image by Joshua Lee.

Image by Joshua Lee.

According to the Apple website, the iPhone 14 Pro starts from S$1,649 and the iPhone 14 Pro Max starts from S$1,799.

As of 3:30pm, a long queue can still be seen outside the Apple store at Orchard Road.

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Top images via singapore_incidents/Instagram and Charles Tjam/FB.

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