Pigeon in S'pore escapes with life & limbs as monitor lizard takes bite at it in canal

The pigeon: Yeet.

Belmont Lay | September 20, 2022, 05:31 PM

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A pigeon chilling at the edge of the water in a canal in Singapore had to yeet itself out of there after a monitor lizard crept up behind it and took a wild bite.

And missed.

A video of the Sir David Attenborough wildlife moment was taken by Steven Sim Kok Leong and put up in the Singapore wildlife Sightings Facebook page.

The pigeon, while looking as if it is the bottom-dweller it is, was situationally aware enough at that time to feel the presence of a large reptile sneaking up behind it.

The bird cocked its head to the side and its googly eyes spotted the incoming predator.

In an instant, it took a few steps to its right before flying off.

The monitor lizard stood no chance and barely came close to inflicting any damage.

The reptile then slid backwards into the water to make its way to another meal.

Off-camera, the person filming could be heard snickering.

Monitor lizards are known to consume carrion, as well as hunt live animals.

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