Mourners told to stop leaving Paddington bears & marmalade sandwiches for Queen at London tribute sites

They kept at it despite being asked not to.

Syahindah Ishak | September 14, 2022, 04:36 PM

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Mourners in London are still leaving Paddington bears and marmalade sandwiches at tribute sites near Buckingham Palace days after Queen Elizabeth II's death despite being asked not to.

Tribute to the Queen

The Royal Parks, which manages the designated tribute sites in London said on Sep. 12 that there were "enough" Paddington bears and marmalade sandwiches at the tribute parks.

Members of the public were advised to bring flowers instead of the bears and sandwiches to pay tribute.

Non-floral objects are not advised

According to The Royal Parks' website, any form of floral tribute is acceptable.

Non-floral objects or artefacts, such as teddy bears or balloons, are not advised.

Cards and labels will be accepted and will be periodically removed by The Royal Parks' staff and contractors for storage offsite.

"This process will be carried out with discretion and sensitivity," The Royal Parks added.

Visitors are also asked not to leave artefacts in any other areas of the tribute parks.

Despite this, Reuters posted a video on Sep. 14 to show that people in London are still leaving Paddington bears and marmalade sandwiches as tribute.

In the video, a woman who bought a small Paddington bear for the Queen said that she did it to "reflect the Queen's sense of humour".

She also felt that the bear would "last longer" than flowers laid out at the park.

Paddington beach art for the Queen

One family went a step further by creating a pebbles and shells mosaic of Paddington Bear at Sandymere Beach in Devon, south-west England, as tribute to the Queen.

According to ITV News, the family took over four hours to create the beach artwork of Paddington.

The waves eventually washed the artwork away.

Why Paddington bears and marmalade sandwiches?

As part of celebrations for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee earlier this year, the Queen recorded a short skit with the cartoon character.

In the skit, the Queen and Paddington had tea inside Buckingham Palace.

The pair then shared their love for marmalade sandwich, Paddington's favourite food.

The skit has since garnered over 10 million views on The Royal Family's YouTube page.

Paddington's verified Twitter account also bid farewell to the Queen shortly after her death was announced, saying: "Thank you Ma'am, for everything."

The tweet quickly went viral and has gotten over a million likes as of Sep. 14.

Top photos via Getty Images & The Royal Family/YouTube.