Monitor lizards found eating corpse of Thai man, 50, after neighbours detected foul smell

His neighbours were concerned after they did not see him for two days.

Fiona Tan | September 07, 2022, 05:22 PM

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First responders attending to a call for assistance in Bangkok, Thailand were startled to see several monitor lizards feeding on a man's corpse.

Man was not seen for two days

Thai media Matichon Online reported that volunteers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation received a call for assistance from the Royal Thai Police at 12:30pm on Sep. 3.

Ruamkatanyu Foundation is a charity organisation in Thailand that attends to medical emergencies and handles the funeral rites of the poor and/ or those without kin.

The call was regarding a 50-year-old man who had passed away alone in his rental property located in Khlong Toei district in Bangkok, Thailand.

The man's neighbours were concerned after they did not see him leave the house in the past two days.

They said he lived alone, worked as a motorcycle taxi driver, and had high blood pressure.

His neighbours noticed something was amiss when they detected a foul smell emanating from his rental property and decided to call the police.

Found dead in bathroom

When the police officers and foundation's volunteers arrived at the scene, they found the man's dead body in the bathroom, which was situated in the back of the one-storey shed-like structure.

The shed was covered with rusty corrugated metal sheets and located in the vicinity of a water body.

The man was not wearing any clothes and was found in a facedown position next to the urinal.

His body was in a state of decomposition and had started to swell up.

Two monitor lizards feeding on corpse

However, what the officers and volunteers did not expect to see were two 1m-long monitor lizards in the bathroom, together with the man's corpse.

They had apparently made their way into the bathroom through a hole in one of the corrugated metal sheets in the bathroom, according to Amarin TV.

The cold-blooded reptiles were feeding on the man's dead body and gnawing on his ears, legs and other parts of his body.

The police officers had to chase the monitor lizards away before they could retrieve the man's corpse from the toilet.

Sent to hospital for autopsy

The volunteers sent his body to King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital for an autopsy. They estimated that he had passed away for at least two days before he was discovered.

The police officers attending to the incident believed that the man had a sudden spike in blood pressure and lost consciousness, Matichon Online reported.

The authorities are contacting the man's relatives to oversee his funeral matters.

Top image screenshot from Thairath Online/YouTube