Actress Mimi Chu loses 2 elder sisters in 3 months, taking a break from work

Chu played the role of caregiver for one of her sisters, who has Alzheimer's and was living in a nursing home in Johor Bahru.

Andrew Koay | September 05, 2022, 08:20 PM

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It hasn't been the easiest of times for Mimi Chu recently, with the actress and singer experiencing the loss of two elder sisters in the span of three months.

Speaking to Zaobao, the 67-year-old opened up about how taking on the role of caregiver and making funeral arrangements had left her physically and mentally exhausted.

In June, Chu shared that she had just completed the funeral rites for her fifth-eldest sister, who had succumbed to cancer.

Her third-eldest sister, who had Alzheimer's disease, was single and living in a nursing home in Johor Bahru; she had been feeling unwell in the months before her death.

As a result, Chu and her son would travel across the causeway several times a week to visit and care for her.

Chu often stayed up until midnight to boil soups for her sister before catching up on sleep by napping during the day, according to Zaobao.

The drive to Johor Bahru could also be "energy-sapping" as the singer found herself caught in traffic jams.

Eventually, her sister—who was deaf and unable to recognise anyone—died of natural causes, which Chu considered a "blessing".

Taking a break from work

Zaobao reported that the two deaths in the family had put Chu in a reflective mood, and made her realise how tiring being a caregiver could be.

While she was not too emotionally affected by their passing, she finds that caregiving takes a toll on the patients' loved ones.

Chu — the sixth eldest among a family of nine — still has three other siblings.

She mentioned that she would take some time to rest before returning to work.

When she does pick up the microphone again, the performer will no doubt have the support of her fans to look forward to.

Chu also spoke to Zaobao about her pleasant surprise at the turnout for her concert held in Genting in August.

Such was the enthusiasm from fans that organisers added extra seats to the sold-out show.

"It must be due to the pandemic, everyone has been cooped indoors for too long," Chu told the Chinese daily.

"Seeing the audience seated right up to the door just to watch me perform, gives me the greatest satisfaction."

We're not expecting Chu in local shows anytime soon, however.

She told Mothership earlier this year that her absence from Singaporean productions came after a "quarrel" with a local director.

Top image from Mimi Chu's Facebook page