Milo trucks given rousing ovation during M'sia's 65th national day parade

Stylo milo.

Lean Jinghui | September 01, 2022, 06:31 PM

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A mini convoy of milo trucks was given a hero's welcome when it "guest starred" during Malaysia's Merdeka parade, in celebration of the country's 65th Independence Day.

The milo trucks were part of an electric car convoy, and had solar panels located on the roof of the truck.

"Milo, Milo"

In a video posted to TikTok on Aug. 31, the assembled crowd could be heard chanting "Milo, Milo!" as a few milo trucks drove by.

The TikTok was titled: "The most hyped moment at the 65th Merdeka Parade", and the caption read, "The unsung hero".

In the video, one of the milo truck drivers was seen pumping his fist in response to loud cheers and applause from the crowd, and was met with an even louder hurrah.

@izzrunners Hero yang tak didendang 😂 #lorimilo #milolegend #merdeka65 ♬ bunyi asal - Izzrunners

Several Malaysians were seen waving enthusiastically as the drivers passed by, in another TikTok video.

@seliparjepun709 Sorakkan untuk Milo 😅✅ #milo #merdeka #fyp #kasiviral ♬ bunyi asal - Seliparjipun_

According to World of Buzz, folks in the audience were given free Milo beverages during the Merdeka parade as well.

TikTok users in the comment section reminisced about the popular drink, and said it was indeed the "ambassador" for Malaysia.

Via TikTok user @izzrunners

Via TikTok user @izzrunners

Many also shared how the milo truck brought back fond memories of childhood, and joked that the drink was indeed a hero for the "service" it has provided many since elementary school.

Via TikTok @izzrunners

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Top images via TikTok user @izzrunners and Sakier Sakirang Facebook